Who thinks this has favortism?! Its really annoying knowing when you responded first and then get a dang message saying they did receive it, BUT…you have to be a “white glove” etc with a certain company. NO FAIRNESS for us notories that is 5 years and under trying to get work make more money. AND…experienced administering all types of loan package bundles. Yes, there are other referrals, but…this one is just the one sometimes. RESponses please…Thank yous’ have a nice aloha.

They want people with experience. They are a very good company.

I work for them all the time, they pay good and good to work with.

Yes…as in my comment, i am experienced with administering loan documents from 2021. Just my opinion, i still think its favortism. Bottom-line. – Cheers!..

Sorry you are having a problem getting signings from them I have done 14 from them in the last 9 months. Download there app. what part of the country are you in?

Aloha from Sacramento, CA. Thats good you are actually receiving work, I still leave my options open anyways and move on to other resources. Have a pleasant day.