Signing companies BS

I realize signing companies do not want to hold their clients responsible, but I’m tired of them blaming us (the notaries) for mistakes. First example: I receive an assignment to go to the home and have loan documents signed, the assignment list one name. The documents arrive 25 minutes prior to the appointment, so no time to review them. During the signing I see that the husband is required to sign several document, but they are deviorced and he lives in another community, so I assume they have scheduled his signing with a notary in that area. (my bad?) The order listed one person!!! They claim it was my responsiblity that both were present and didn’t want to pay me…I called the lender, he admitted making the mistake and instructed them to pay me.

Example 2: I just got a call from a signing company that has a complaint the signer didn’t sign in a consistant manner, sometimes using their middle enitial and other times using their middle name. I asked the caller if she reviewed the documents and she said no, I told her i would hold while she did so. Sure enought the signature blocks varied, sometimes typed with an enitial and others with a middle name. I told her the instructions at signing are, review the typed signature block and that is how you should sign it. The signing company explained they have this one company that likes them consistant regardless of how it’s typed, I told her to call them back and tell them to type it like they want it. I’m not taking responsiblity for their laziness.

Hope you all agree, and don’t forget : DO NOT LOWER YOUR FEE’S. WE’RE WORTH IT.

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What…your crystal ball is broken? The rules are: 1. It’s the notary’s fault. 2. If it’s not, see Rule #1.


To put a fine point on the one-sidedness of this business consider the following. The Notary Code of Conduct contains 10 categories with about 80-90 (didn’t count them) absolute do’s and don’ts. In summary it defines the perfect human being/Notary Public who, when following all the rules, provides a perfect transaction every time, right down to the crease in our slacks. I’m still waiting for the NNA to improve the Code of Conduct for signing companies. Oh wait…there isn’t one.