Signing Companies Calling to Check in

This week I have had a couple companies wanting a call when I get to a signing and a call after it is done… at the table. I actually forgot to call when I got to the signing yesterday - then the whole time I was in a signing I could hear my phone buzzing with texts asking if I was at the signing. I replied after the signing was over. It’s so hard to remember which signing companies want what - does anyone have advice for this? Also, almost all of my appointments are rural with low to no internet connection. Trying to connect and sign into a website and confirm I’m at the appointment takes more time than it’s worth. And the texts wondering if I’m done after 30 minutes is also hard because I’m newer - I am not that fast and want to have perfect docs… but then you have this pressure to get it done and reply back. Do you all call at the table? Do you call before? Or do you just wait til it’s all over and check in then?

I rarely, if ever, call or text upon arrival because, like you, most of my signings are in very rural/no signal areas. They’re all usually OK with it as long as you do report ‘completed’ ASAP. However, if they are calling me, I answer.


I figured if there was something urgent I would see it before I left the signing. I always mark complete as soon as I can find good enough service where I know it will go through - I guess this is why working direct with title is so much nicer, less hand holding. So far, no one has complained, I’m glad to know another rural notary has some of the same internet/connect issues as me. Thanks for your advice!

In my area it’s a hit and Miss with the signal due to the mountains. I would always let them know ahead of time that I will do my best but I cannot guarantee that I will have signal. They don’t know your area so they are usually accommodating to you when you let them know upfront.

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Wow, that is brutal……I don’t think I can handle working with micromanagement company like that. This is one reason why we all get into this business because of the freedom.

None of the companies I work for want a before & after check-In. All of them want a completion status ASAP after the signing. Then the scans shortly afterward if scan-backs are required. As you get assignments, you may want to keep notes so you can decide what companies you want to continue to work for with reasonable expectations and requirements.

You can place a note on your calendar in all caps as a reminder. But I would definitely notify those signing companies off unreliable Internet connections and not to expect a sign in/sign out situation. You’ll do what you can once you’ve returned to service.