Signing Documents

Is there anywhere to get a sample closing document that prints both letter and legal size in one document? I have a new printer and want to make sure I can do this before I accept any signing work. Thanks much.

You can probably make your own if you have a word processing program on your computer. Just create two docs, one on letter size, one on legal and use those to practice. WordPerfect allows this under “format” option.

I scanned 2 letter and 2 legal in one doc to my computer. Opened the document and proceeded to print. They all printed on letter. I am at wits end trying to get this to work. I talked to a tech today and he checked my settings and said all looked good on the computer and the printer. He couldn’t figure out why either. I don’t know what else to try. May have to have an on-site tech to check it out. Not a good start to my business. This is the only thing stopping me now from taking assignments. Thanks Linda for you suggestion. Much appreciated.

Try opening the docs in Adobe and printing from there. For whatever reason, I’ve had success doing it this way when my macbook couldn’t make it happen. Good luck!

Hi Debbra, what printer/model are you using? I can look for a specific “how to” video for you.

Here’s what I know about installing your dual tray printer for the first time. Three things have to happen in order for your mixed size loan documents to print automatically: FIRST, you have to set up your printer itself so that it recognizes you are putting different size paper in tray 1 and tray 2. (I use tray 1 for letter; tray 2 for legal, but do whatever makes sense to you.) SECOND, your computer printer settings needs to be set up to recognize your printer has 2 different size paper. And THIRD, always open PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat Reader, click print, select “actual size” or “fit”, and select “choose paper source by PDF page size”.

For test printing, grab a legal size paper and write LEGAL on it in big letters. Grab a letter size piece of paper and write LETTER in big letters. Scan and save this as “PrinterTestDoc”. Then do a test print to see whether settings are correct.

The good news is that once you have it set up correctly, you will not encounter this problem until you get a new printer!

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