Has anyone here performed any signings for I got a text saying that there’s a signing for tomorrow pretty close to my home. Then I got a phone call after I excepted the job and the woman told me that I would have to do a zoom meeting tomorrow, so I’m assuming that I’m not gonna get this particular job since it’s around the same time I should be preparing for this job. The zoom meeting is a sort of interview I suppose. The job is for a no objection letter, I think at least it is, her accent was so thick. Anyhow, please let me know if you’ve worked with them and how it went.

I’m sorry for errors. I was talking to text.

I have completed a few signings through their platform with no issues. None was for signing order directly, but for other signing services that use their platform for vendor scheduling and assignment management.

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Thank you for your response

I’ve done only 3 signings for them; just realized that they have a Net60; which I find ridiculous as that is a long time to wait for a paycheck when everyone else has been paid long before. Has anyone else experienced this?

The platform does not have a net 60 days… if you are specifically speaking about signing order. Each SS has their individual terms. I have done over 50 assignments from that platform since the beginning of the year and I have been paid in two weeks from some and 45 days from others. I have not experienced 60 days.