Signing Order payment style

How do you like Signing orders way of payment where They charge you to get your money or you have to print the check yourself, I don’t have any checks to use for printing any suggestions. AlsoI liked Signing Order in the beginning. However since they took there Job Board down its nor as great.

You just use plain paper to print the eCheck

Print the check, cut under dotted line, sign and use mobile upload to your account! Easy Money! :blush:


I’m signed up with them too and missed 2 signings and haven’t heard from them since.

Is regular printing paper ok won’t the bank question it with a Mobil deposit

Yes regular paper is ok. Most banks accept them with no problem. For your first one maybe try taking it into the branch just to make sure and you can also ask them questions about doing mobile deposits through your bank app. I have had issues with my bank but I know each bank is different.

I print on plain paper and it doesn’t work with my mobile deposit app for some silly reason. I have had no issues with deposit and I often will go through the drive through. I tend to go to the same branch all the time so they pretty much see the checks printed in my company name and deposit into my business account on a weekly basis.