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How to complete an Annuity document

You don’t complete anything; the documents should be completely filled out either when you receive them or when you arrive at the appointment - you ID the signer, complete your journal entries, obtain signatures and notarize - that’s all you do.

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With Annuities…sometimes there are a lot of forms that the SIGNER must complete. :You don’t do that.

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I’m trying to figure out if I am suppose to fill in the notary part of the document in the Annuity, because I was told not to notarize it. Do that mean just get the signature and nothing else or fill out the document but don’t stamp it.

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If you’re told not to notarize it, I would not fill out ANY of it nor would I provide any of my notary info. Something sounds off here -

The signer had a drivers license but they had her maiden name on the document not her married name. The signing service told me to get her signature but don’t notarize it. It’s not my job to figure out if everything is legit with the documents or not. I just didn’t put my information on the document I only got the signature and sent it back. I wanted to make sure I did the correct thing.

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" It’s not my job to figure out if everything is legit with the documents or not."

No, you’re right, but it IS your job to make sure you have no exposure to any fraud - why I said I would not fill out anything in the notary certificate - I wouldn’t give them any of my info at all. I’ll bet you they’re going to notarize it when they get the original documents back.

Not sure where you’re located but here in FL that’s highly illegal from a notary standpoint (not on you, on them). Also, again not knowing where you’re located, as to the DL - Florida and many states have a work-around for that type of problem -

“I wanted to make sure I did the correct thing.”

In all honesty I, for one, am not sure; if you let them know you couldn’t notarize and they were going to do it later, why send you out at all? Why not just send the docs directly to the signers - “sign here” arrows and posties are a dime a dozen. I, myself, probably would have turned the assignment back knowing what they were going to do - but again, that’s just me. Don’t want to play judge and jury here

Your correct and I found out about there DL once I got there. I’m in Texas, but I did inform them that I can’t by law notarize a document when the license don’t match the documents. I said the same thing, why did they send me at all if I couldn’t notarize it. Plus the signer stated that they already knew the license situation because they have a copy of it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Does TX allow you to use “A/K/A” or “F/K/A”? (also known as or formerly known as) - if you can that might have worked for you. Here in FL they only have to represent to us that they were a/k/a or f/k/a - but if the person handing you the DL is the person’s pic on the DL - not sure - maybe you could have done that.

Yes and it was the person handing me the license and it wasn’t a fake DL.

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