Signing Services and document training/instructions

About how many of the SS you work for have helpful videos or instructions on how to fill out the documents?

For example C2C has some videos:

Link 2

Link 3

In addition to the instructions that come along with every single signing, I always resort back to my SOS, the NNA, AAN, and ASN. Its been to my experience that client provided training is client specific (wanting you to learn how to do the job THEIR way) and not always industry standard.

You shouldn’t be filling out the documents at all - that’s up to title and lender. The only part that you’re concerned with is your cert, which they do not control - you and your state have control over that.

I took it as they meant on how to explain to the borrower what the lender is expecting from them (execution) when “signing” a form, whether it is the borrower signing, or us certifying.

I admit I didn’t look at the YouTube videos - satellite internet precludes me from being able to watch them…I responded based on the original question.

I never said that I fill out the docs. The info is there so you know how it needs to me filled out.

yes, that is correct.