Signing Services are Middle Men

I have had a theory for a few years that the majority of these non title company affiliated signing services were essentially just “getting signings” from SnapDocs of one of the more prevalent title companies and slicing off a thin fee and subbing it out. However, I just kept thinking that nobody could be very successful working off margins like that. However, I’ve been doing loan modifications for the past couple years for a notable title company (well it’s signing service) and the other day my database and assistant got a little confused and accepted a loan modification that I had previously been assigned by the title company service (it was cancelled due to not being able to contact signer) that was now being assigned by a signing service.

The difference in what the sub-signing service was offering and what I had worked out to receive with the title company was $50.00. However, I found out that the signing service (who I won’t name….probably) actually underbid me by $20 which is why I did not get the loan mod back after the lender redid the paperwork. So the signing service was getting $30 for that signing.

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