Signing Services of America

Has anyone had any experience with them? Just curious, and thank you in advance!


I have never worked for Philip Hogan. I have no 1:1 experience.

This is a time when a lot of companies simply aren’t paying period. I do see that
Phillip Hogan is listed here as a notary on NR, and is a Snap Docs
subscriber (shame on him, btw), and that his is a notary subcontracting
out work to other notaries.

Here’s the only info I have on Philip and his company. Let us know how it goes if you accept the assignment.

HOGAN, PHILLIP MARIETTA COBB 30060 12/16/2014 12/15/2018 226 snapdocs signings

Registration Date:2016-02-27
Expiration Date:2018-02-27
Updated Date:2017-02-20

Thank you for the reply and the information. I did accept the assignment. We’ll see how it goes. I promise to keep you informed! Best, Drew

Hello. I know the post is old, but I am curious. Did he pay you as agreed. I recently accepted a signing from him. His site states he pays within 45 days and it hasn’t quite been 30. I just want to make sure he is who he says he is.

Any new updates on this company, folks? I don’t wanna throw $20 bucks away

You have to practically chase him down to get paid. I put him on he spot by calling (number blocked). He answered the phone and I simply asked him when I would be paid. He went into his system and sent an echeck right then 46 DAYS LATER!! Then had the nerve to ask me about working with him again!! NO THANK YOU!!

I am in the process of trying to get paid :frowning:
I did an assignment on Friday 1/10/20, I was told payment would be recieved same day if completing the signing. They received the documents on Monday 1/13/20, I called regarding the payment on Monday, the last answering the phone said I would receive the payment either today (Monday) or tomorrow (Tuesday). No payment, so I called on Thursday 1/16/20, I was instructed to send an email to, I did as instructed. No payment, so I called back on Friday 1/17/20 and requested to speak to Phillip, the lady said he was away from his desk at the moment, she would tell him I called and instructed me to send another email. I was extremely busy with signings all day, I was unable to send an email until today 1/18/20 and he still has not returned my call or answered my phone calls. So I turned to Notary Cafe Forums to see if anyone had experience with Signing Services of America and their payment practices. I perform my job in a professional and timely manner, I expect the same for the service companies that request my services. THAT IS NOT TO MUCH TO ASK FOR!

Thank you for sharing your concerns because there are other notaries “out there” who are experiencing similar issues, particularly in the remuneration area.

I have conducted several closings for this company but never experienced trouble with invoice collections, until recently. Although there’s always a risk when dealing with small scale business but the way in which Signing Services of America do business appear to be very inconspicuous and ill willed.

The reasons for these categorizations are based on my personal experiences with Signing Services of America which demonstrate weakness in their customer service, work ethics, accountability, and professional responsibility.

For example, on August 11, 2020 I conducted a closing for which I have NOT gotten paid. I sent two emails and placed phone calls about the matter without a response. Unfortunately, I didn’t think payment was an issue (at that time) so I conducted another closing under one of their affiliated companies on September 15, 2029.

I recommend to be extremely careful when dealing with this company. As Dr. King once said “injustice somewhere is a threat to injustice EVERYWHERE.” So, if it happened to ONE, it could happen to MANY more.

Finally, as a professional and by upholding ethical principles as a notary, I will count this experience to my losses (at least this time) and continue to be vigilant of companies whose business do not align with values of honesty, respect and accountability.

Hope this posts helps others out there!



UPDATE I was paid 12/20/20, after I called and left a few messages about my payment and if they didn’t pay me in 48 hours I would be contacting Tile Escrow officer about the non payment and would also be placing a title lien on the borrowers property. Got paid 36 hours! It annoying and time we must make to chase our payment. Don’t allow them to slide and get away with your hard earned money!

It’s too bad I didn’t see this post before I accepted a job I did on 11/5/20. But I will say this. If I don’t get my payment within 45 days from 11//5/20. I’ll start a lien process. So if Phil Hogan or his wife are reading this. Hope you do the right thing because I’m not getting used for free.


I am currently having issues with getting responses regarding 2 signings I completed for them as well. Extremely unprofessional customer service. Which other signing company is affiliated with them?

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I agree, I am currently trying to get paid as we speak for 2 signings, which are both past 30 days

Can’t believe he said they would pay you the same day. That was definitely a lie

How do you place a Title Lien on a borrowers property?

Mine was 45 days and I will not be doing anymore work for them.