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All signing companies are not equal. There are only 2 consistent signing companies that works well for me they are “Signature Closures and Notaries To You”. I have used other signing platforms and occasionally they sent me some signings. However, none of them are consistent as the 2 that I recommend.
Title companies are not that welcoming to independent notaries such as myself. I would like to know if there are other signing agencies that can give me some work. Furthermore, I am in the process of becoming a RON signer to enhance my business. I would like some feedback. Out of Houston, Texas.


Barksdale I’m also a Texas Notary/NSA headquartered in the Texas Hill Country. Business has been running slow here and elsewhere in Texas. You might try reaching out to law firms as they sometimes need mobile notaries. I’ve got a few DFW, Houston, San Antonio-Austin area law firms I do work for.


Thank you RiverP. I have not considered law firms. Do you have any pointers on how I can approach them without appearing desperate? I appreciate you input and thanks again!

How have you reached out to law firms? Do you call or actually visit? What is DFW?

I work with Amrock. They provide RON closings along with regular closings. They are just starting IPEN closing too.

Ms. Hamilton, I sent you an email in reply to your questions. If they don’t come through drop me a line and I’ll try again.


I am located in North Dallas, Texas. Amrock does not service clients in Texas. I am also a RON.

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I did not see an email. I also checked my junk folder.

How are you able to respond in time to be able to accept a closing with Signature? I’m in Colorado and have their app. I can be looking at my phone, receive the notification, click on it, and it is gone. It is very frustrating.

I like snapdocs. I pay for and am thus far pleased with that investment.

I have been invited here and there to sign up as a direct vendor to some title companies.

It’s very competitive right now and I’ve learned to stop losing money taking low paying jobs and frequently ask for higher fees and I’d say I get them half the time. There are rural assignments I will take that I don’t think all notaries will take.

I’ve left my cards with services managers at nursing homes because they have to load up their seniors for trips to banks if they can’t find a notary to visit.

I find that signature closers it’s hard to get their jobs because people grab them SO FAST.

I’m signed up at but there’s a company that hires from there that is so slow pay I will probably stop taking their contacts.

Notary dash is a scam. NEVER ever pay to be listed on anyone site or for orders.