Signing Solutions, LLC

Has anyone out there worked with Signing Solutions, LLC out of Las Vegas, NV. They called with a refinance in my neighborhood and would pay $95. I accepted, but then received the order, via email, with a fee of only $85.

@LWNotary Great Question! You may want to proceed with EXTREME CAUTION . . .

There is a plethora of data immediately available to answer your query within the GOLDMINE found in the Notary Cafe database.

I performed a cursory Search of the name of the business entity you’re interested in & there are over 50+ threads that include that business . . . many of which are WARNINGS about non-payment, etc.

Here is the Results Page from the Search of the business entity:

It’s easy to perform a Search by accessing the nearly invisible Magnifying Glass and entering the topic of your choice! I’ve inserted an image (see below) to enable easy location of the difficult to see Magnifying Glass.



Thank you for the information, I appreciate your input!

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May have been a typo. There normal fee is $85 unless there are faxbacks. Just call the company and let them know what the said they would pay you during the phone call.

I’ve done work for them in the past. The last one being in February of this year. Had no issues with them. Sometimes this happens with other companies too. I just contact them to let them know the discrepancy. It is always fixed. (And if they won’t change it, I will remove myself from the order.)

I have done alot of work for them and have never had any issues.

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