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I have seen quite a few bad reviews about this company. But I decided to ignore and give them a chance. Well first, I just started doing this full time, so I’m taking everything I can get in order to get my name out there, any case, I accepted their offer of 65.00 for a closing tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. They sent me the file, so I printed it so I can have it ready since I will be an hour in a half away in another signing figured get my paperwork in order so I rush back to do the signing which is about 10 miles from home. In any case, I call the signers to confirm the appointment and they tell me the signing is supposed to be for today. WHAT?? So I message signing solutions and they tell me that in fact it’s for tomorrow, I call the signers back and they tell me that It’s for today and they can’t do tomorrow. so a few minutes later I get a message from Signing solutions if I can do it today, now it’s crunch time, and I need to rush to a signer after I had been done for the day, and was ready to have dinner with family. I told Signing Solutions that I would do it but that I would need an additional 20.00. She refused and said she would reassign. I messaged her that I would need 25.00 print fee, and I didn’t get a response. What are the chances I will be getting my print fee?

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Hello, sorry to hear of this. The signing service will usually state how and what they will pay for….you might find this in payment terms? I have found, and this is just my own experience, when I have been assigned the order and have printed the documents… I have only been reimbursed if the signing service cancels and it has been the fee they determine. Knock on wood….this has only happened twice in 3 years.

I doubt you’ll get that print fee.

It’s been my experience and MO to not print until I have confirmed with signers. I’ve been an NSA since January 2006. When I first started, I did same as you … until assignment cancelled after I’d printed but prior to confirming w/signers. It was a large package. No pay. That was the first and last time I printed without confirming UNLESS hiring party assures me in writing that I’ll be paid regardless of signers’ willingness/availability.

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Thank you both for responding. I have learned my lesson. But it stinks though we are out here hustling running around like crazy, but hopefully one day I will be where you ladies are today, getting paid what I’m worth.
Until then, I will keep hustling.

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I agree with Yoli, but I understand @schompv 's need to print in advance. That said, the first mistake made was accepting a $65 fee when you knew you’d be 1.5 hours away - gas and time suck up that $65 in no time.

As someone posted in another thread,…step up your game. Make your business plan. You say you’ve started this full time - you’ll need to do a complete, comprehensive business plan so you know how much you need to maintain you, personally, AND your business…and stick to it! Do not cave - be reasonable but firm.

Example: Our appliance repairman - $125 to come to house and diagnose - electrical repairman $100 to come and diagnose then $100/hour thereafter. Now I’m not saying that notaries would get those fees…but any full loan closing is well worth the $125 for everything involved…and the liability that comes with it.

My $.05 FWIW


@LindaH-FL Just to clarify - the signing scheduled prior to this one was at the extended distance.

This one was “about 10 miles from” her home


@cNsa5 I’m aware…I read the post.

@LindaH-FL Yes, knew that you read it.

I was referencing your statement:

“the first mistake made was accepting a $65 fee when you knew you’d be 1.5 hours away”

The signing she took for $65 was “about 10 miles from” her home

If I misunderstood your intent - apologies.


Said in OP - that’s was I was responding to

@LindaH-FL Understood.

That was solely the point of my post . . . :blush:

Maybe I misunderstood the convoluted description.


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Why did you need to extra $20. ? When you already accepted the signing at $65. Now they feel their being extorded. They may not call back…

I sign for them in OC, Ca. They pay $90. + per signing.
PS- $25. print fee is to high, only the bigger companies will pay that. Usually $10-15 is normal.

Because she accepted it for the next day.

THEY are changing the date & time, not her.

Them not calling back sounds like a good thing.

I printed today for a confirmed appointment with another company. Then I got the update that there were errors and to reprint. I requested an extra print fee and received it. In most cases if the documents are changed or the signing date is changed, you will automatically get the print fee. If you print ahead of getting the confirmation from the signers you are taking a risk.

There have been a few mixups lately with dates and times and even location. I recently had an order for a couple that were three hours away. The address on file was while they were on vacation!

If I have confirmation, I like to print in advance, at least a day, because it isn’t practical to keep going back and forth to print for confirmed appointments. Worst case scenario you will not be compensated. Put it in your Expense column and trust you will not repeat the error.

Bad reviews are to help us all. I know each of us want to work and make money but sometimes we must pay attention to the reviews.

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I normally get 65-75 for one document. I have been turning down the very low offers that don’t work with my budget. I also don’t print until I have confirmed with the signers. I have in the past done that and not been paid. So not now. I would call or e-mail them and try anyway to get the print fee. Since they refused to pay additional for you to go back out, (which is a reasonable request) I would not work for them again.

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Hi there. I highly recommend paying attention to the reviews. As a matter of fact, if a signing comes in from a company I haven’t worked with, I always check here before accepting the order. I’ve had two companies that I had to “hunt down” for payment.
Also, this is just a suggestion but determine what you would like to make per hour. If want $30 for example, per hour, then factor in how long it’ll take to get to the appt, how long you will be there, how long to drive back. Now you have gas/mileage, printing costs, etc. At $65, driving 1.5 hours… you are losing money, unfortunately :unamused: I’m finding general notary work to be more lucrativ these days. Wishing you much success!

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Thanks everyone for all the great responses, I will make sure not to print before confirming with signer from now on. You live and learn.

For those who are asking why I took a signing for 65.00 it was because it was close to my home, I’m trying to get more business since I started full time a few months ago, this is my only source of income now, so something is better than nothing if it’s close. I have been requesting more when I get a signing that is far away, but there is so many of us, that they just skip right through us on to the next one will accept it unfortunately.