Signing Solutions - this is ridiculous

I was assigned a closing about 12 miles away from me. Accepted for a slightly lower fee than I normally charge because it was close to me. Contacted the borrower and she advised we were meeting at her place of employment which would be about an additional 33 miles. I asked for a simple $20.00 increase in my fee due to location change Received email the fee would have to be approved. Looked on the portal for the docs so I could review and the closing had been removed. Reached out to the company to inquire and was advised “you were removed due to we obtained a notary for a lower amount”!! Told them to never reach out to me again.

Yea that happens sometimes. You just have to understand what you’re worth and be ok with not getting the assignment.


We have our own opinions

Wow!!! I’m not even surprised by these agencies pulling stunts like that.
Just wrong

It’s not a stunt, It’s business. If you were driving and saw gas for $3.01 per gallon but you knew it was .20 cents cheaper a few miles down the road, where are you going to go? Probably down the road a little ways for the cheaper price because it helps keep money in your pocket.

Don’t get mad at the SS for finding another Notary to get it done for less money, it’s business. Don’t get mad at the Notary who took the job for less money, it’s business. Blame yourself for not asking the proper questions before accepting an assignment which should be a part of your business.

I take $75-$125 all day long and business is great.

Your analogy is all wrong seeing as how they had already hired her for the job. NSAs are not gas stations advertising their fee, lol. They’re people offering a service. If you go to your barber and say you just want a trim and then decide halfway through that you also want a haircut and the barber charges you more, THAT’S business. For you to get a new barber at that point because you’re cheap is just rude and wasting the original barber’s time.

The signing service said one distance and it turned out to be a completely different distance, meaning the signing service didn’t do their due diligence and falsely advertised what they wanted. Then, after snagging an unsuspecting NSA who pointed out their mistake and correctly asked for more compensation, they slithered around and found some other unsuspecting NSA, burned bridges with @mobilenotaryinohio, and moved on. “That’s business” is a lame excuse for bad behavior. Every business book I’ve read says to focus on building relationships to increase the business, not screwing your vendors over for an extra $20.

Telling OP to “blame yourself” is just… ugh. You always go out of your way to be obnoxious and I’m not sure why. How about you stop shaming others and waving your finger around. We get it, you’re the notary taking all the $75 jobs and you love it. No one cares… OP, please don’t listen to this troll. You were wronged and all you can do is live and learn. Good luck to you!


Yes this happens more frequently than you think. A couple of times I asked for a raised and signing were re-assigned to someone else. I am happy not to take these at all. 180+ pages and 2 to 4 copies no thanks.

Some of the signings I get hammered every night are absolutely hilarious. $60 for CASH OUT (includes attorney/title office fee)

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Concur, noblenotary615, inappropriately managed by the hiring party. “Nearby” can be a completely different scenario from 33 miles one-way in some parts of the US, but for most of us that adds at least an hour to the original time guesstimate for the Signing Order.

A fee adjustment would be appropriate and needed for that type of alteration in the Project Scope.