Signing Stream Bad News

let’s put it this way. they owe me since 09/05/2018, the phone number is disconnected and you can’t get a hold of anyone. what kind of recourse do we have.

You could contact the Title Co. involved. It may or may not get you paid, but definitely worth a shot.
Other than that, there really isn’t much of any value that you can do. A lawsuit/lawyer adds expense and, even if you win, all you get is a judgment. No money. They know this.

That would be great if I can remember who the title company was.

It would state the name of theTitle or Escrow Co. on your Confirmation if you still have it.

It’s not there :confused: nothing on the information that i have left over

I have had prior dealings with this firm with no problems until last signing on 10/25/18. I have also attempted to contact the title company and kept being directed to a Mr. Cooper Title. No luck so far.