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Heads up Signing Stream takes 75-90 days to pay. Yet another new Company (I have GOT to stop accepting jobs from new services). I get the feeling that there is 1 guy sitting in his mothers basement running a signing service. 30-45 days is a reasonable payment time. If the Company is so cash poor that they have to wait until they get paid to pay you, then presumably if they don’t get paid neither do you.

Signing Stream has been around long enough to earn the nickname Signing Scream as they’ve been terrible for many, many years.

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It seems that their arbitrary payment policy of 45 days, which I have heard is seldom met, is based upon the presumption that their clients are risky and may not pay them on time. The excuse is that they will not pay a subcontractor notary until they themselves are paid first. This is not how other businesses work. A working relationship requires that parties assume that they will all be paid on a timely basis and can carry an account receivable to assure that. .

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On July 19, 2018 I received a signing assignment from Signing Stream Inc. The fee agreement was for $6o. I took this assignment for this amount due to the location being near. Today I received call that the fee has been revised because the signing was actually a Seller and not a Refi. I asked the caller how could they revise fee based on an incorrect signing type that was not to my knowledge. That stated it was in the contract that they are able to do. I re read the contract to determine if the information was noted and no where in the contract does it state anything in this manner. Has anyone every experience this before and what did you do to handle this matter?

What did you do Askewtrl? $60 for seller docs is an acceptable fee. $60 for a refi is not acceptable. This signing service seems to pull this with many of their assignments because many NSA’s have written on various forums about Signing Stream calling after the assignment and asking the NSA to reduce their fee. Obviously, they’re having money problems or something and it’s best to avoid them from now on.

Metzger_Nsa i did a seller signing. I also read about how they deduct on many occasions. I wish more research would have been done before I made did the signing!

Regardless of hiring company, about the only type of signing that may be acceptable at $60 is a ‘one document nearby’ one. Please, please, please stop accepting these way too low fees! I consistently get a minimum of $100/local for Seller pkgs…more (often considerably more) if travel is involved or faxbacks required.


This company has tried to stiff my on fees all four times I have accepted their work, which, same as you, was already ridiculously low. The final straw was when they called me to revise the fee because " they lost money on this one". When I said ‘no’, I received an email with the revised fee anyway because they claimed that I did not fax-back or confirm completion in the allotted time. They are crooks and we do not deserve to be treated this way. I imagine, if they keep this way of doing business up, they will be out of business soon. Let’s hope so!

gomobileclosingsgr I agree we don’t deserve this treatment! They have provided to me a new outlook on what to look for.

why wait over 30 days to get paid??? if they don’t pay you in 30 days stop doing their signings…
I started that several years ago, it did not stop them from calling to me for signings…

Got a call from Signing stream the other day. Offered $55.00 for a refi with scanbacks, 40 minutes from my home. Are they kidding or what. My minimum without scanbacks is $100, and that’s if its close by. I told them what I wanted and if they couldn’t pay…Good luck finding a notary for that price…Notaries…Please stop accepting jobs for low ball offers. You are worth much more…

Why are you accepting low ball fees? If every NSA accepts these fees, we may as well go work at McDonalds

I took an assignment for Signing Stream on July 12th 2018 - still have not been paid, they do not answer their phones - voice prompts just loop. I have sent dozens of emails to their customer service email with no reply’s. The other emails listed bounce. I have been stiffed first time in 6 years what scum bags. If anyone has information on where they actually reside please let me know. Or if you have a good phone number please respond. Don’t take a job from these people please.

Signing Stream
940 South Coast Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone 714-576-2888

I used to defend these guys because they were upfront about their payment schedule and I was always paid within 60 days. And the fee was usually negotiable to a point.
But no more! I did 4 jobs for them in August 2018. They changed their payment schedule to 60-75 days which they have well exceeded. The response used to be that they were working on it. Now I get no response at all. I found the owner’s phone number but he never answer.
I think everyone should start filing complaints with the BBB in Costa Mesa as well as poor reviews. I think they are going down anyway but I have no problem helping that along.
I am a small business owner. I used to own a store front business, also. I always paid my bills no matter how tight money was. It is an obligation I take seriously. These guys pay themselves first and us last.