Signing Stream Wants $50 non-refundable verification fee

I signed up with Signing Stream this afternoon and they emailed back asking for a $50 non-refundable verification fee. This is a side and even if it weren’t, I am NOT paying them to work for them. More and more sticking to general notary works looks much more appealing.

You dodged a bullet. This co. is a low/slow pay that preys on new notaries and usually cuts the pay for some made up reason or another. NEVER pay to be in a company’s database.


Don’t pay it and beware of their shady tactics and super low fees. They got me once but never again.

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Scam, As a notary, any company that charges, for being a notary for them, or for any other fee, is a scam. Because if you pay that fee, YOU are the customer. Signing company make plenty of money from the title company, they don’t need to charge the notary as well.

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