Signing WIZ doesnt pay

This guy is a big fat liar! He will tell you he has put a check in the mail, then he will say he will deposit your payment into your paypal account. He answers every single text, phone call with a happy attitude and promise to pay immediately. (So far I’ve contacted him 11 times) but he NEVER follows through. I think he might be a sociopath. No conscience whatsoever. BEWARE of John KULIK

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Here is how I handled John.
I got busy and collected every piece of contact information concerning the the authorities that license or regulate him. Insurance, Notary, BBB Attorney general in his state (I forget which one right now). etc
I then sent dear old John an email in which I invoiced him for the amount he owed me, ($450.00) plus interest, plus administrative costs.
I informed him he had until the end of the third business day to have the funds in my hands or I was going to contact every one on the list I sent him.
He called me the next day and continued his usual song and dance about the check in the mail.
I didn’t buy it and told him that he hired me because he knew I could be trusted to get the job done. He therefore could certainly trust me to do exactly what I said I would do.
He then agreed to use PayPal to cough up what I was owed without the other costs. (All I really wanted anyway.)
He runs a sleazy shop, blames other folk and gets away with stealing when he can.
Go for him. Contact me at and I’ll see if I can find the info and email I sent him.
Sic 'em boy!!!

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He operates out of Penn. I have the letter. Glad to help.

He used the same MO and hasn’t paid me for a closing done in February, 2017

I kept the contact information for the title agent, contacted them… boom, I got paid. It was about 3-4 months instead of a year. Then I blocked his number.

Just had my first run in with this horrible person. I’ve done the notes to the lender, title, broker. filed complaints with BBB, PA Department of State and his LinkedIn account. I plan to do the PA Attorney General complaint, notes to his alumni associations (BA and MBA), send an invoice to his home address and whatever else I can think of to burn this guy. Next I’ll attack his business license somehow and see what other social media platforms I can have my say within. He does not appear to be on Facebook. Any other ideas out there?

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Well I can see that six years since the emails started going about him, I’ve experienced the same thing TWICE.
I asked him twice about when I could expect payment for my signing in early December 23. He said that within 30 days I’d get a check. Nothing so I called again. This time he asked for my Zelle, Venmo, or Paypal.
Yes, I’ll be blocking him also after I get paid. He also gave me a huge headache, trying to get me to notarize something I shouldn’t have in my state. Never again.