Signing Wiz in PA signing company

I just completed a signing with Signing Wiz and it was very good. Exactly what I was told and paid same day with PAYPAL. I would definitely do business with again.

They still owe me and many other notaries payments. They began by paying on time then completely screwed me over. Be careful

Can you let us know the contact information for them. I have been trying to get paid for two closing I did over a year ago.

I did one job for Signing Whiz and he (John) never paid me. I threatened to complain to PA State and file complaints. Eventually I got paid over 3-4 months later. NEVER AGAIN !!! BLACK LISTED … He called back a few months later about another signing. I told him in his face, that I DO NOT Trust him and will NOT DO Business or service his closings. End of Story. Accept assignments at your own risk

They owe me for 3 signings from May and June 2017. I don’t even try to call them anymore. What goes comes around.

John Kulik, M.B.A.
Scheduling Manager
Signing Wiz, LLC
237 S Main St Washington, PA 15301
P: 724-993-4097 I C: 724-255-6804 I E:

They finally paid me last week. He claimed that his clients hadn’t paid him either

You’re lucky you got paid. I’m waiting on over $300 of payments from John. He won’t answer my calls, so I used a different phone and got a voicemail. The “signing wiz” phone # came up out of order. So so so tired of chasing after my money after I RAN MY BUTT off getting a signing done for him last minute. FRUSTRATING. Can I go after the law firm the signing was with? I know from the Notary code of conduct I can’t contact the clieint… but what can I do?

Call and email both lender and title / escrow office from these signings. That is the only way you will get your money , Pronto !!

Over ninety days late. Phone disconnected.