SigningOrder Job Board down?

Over the past few days, had some technical problems… now the job board has disappeared. Does anyone have any information on this?

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Good Morning, it appears that a lot of notaries including myself are experiencing the same probably. Yesterday there was a red banner at the top of my screen, saying some technical issues had occurred and they would be fixed. Later on that evening, the job board was not there… I can only assume that the technical issue might have been associated with the Job Board disappearing. I hope they get this fixed soon.

Thank you elite, at least I know it’s not just me. I hope they fix it soon as well. :slight_smile:

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Curious if you find paying the extra gets you more signings. I’m contemplating the upgraded listing. Thoughts?


Signingorder job board

Email from signingorder support
Unfortunately, we had to disable the job board until further notice. A refund will be processed to your credit card within 7 days.

I didn’t sign up for the upgrade and still got jobs from them.

Oh wow, that’s good to know. Thank you for sharing

It was my understanding that the upgrade for the job board just extended your area to view available Jobs

Thank you Elite. Also, pcbears, I thought it was me too. Looks like it’s the website.

You are probably right. There were supposed to be some advantages to the upgrade. I didn’t sign up for the upgrade because I wanted to see how the basic service worked first.

I found the service to be very ineffective for me. I paid for a month’s premium service and found that because there was no notification sound each time a job was added whenever I remembered to look at the board the jobs listed were already taken. At those times when jobs were listed as available and I responded I did not receive the assignment. After a few weeks I cancelled my membership.