Signingorder platform

Is anyone having issues with signingorder platform? It’s no longer showing job listings. When I checked my profile, it’s showing all my all zip codes invalid.

Platforms! None of 'em work.

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I think their whole site was having issues today. I actually had a signing this afternoon for SignX that was assigned through them and I was unable to get back to the order and upload the scanbacks for several hours after my job was completed. That part appears to be working now, but the listings still aren’t there.

Thanks That answers my question.

Still down :-((. I did see an email that someone posted on FB they were working on it.

Signing Order keeps making me sign up for a new password, disregards my current and won’t allow me to sign in even with the new password.

Message from signingorder job board support

Unfortunately, we had to disable the job board until further notice. A refund will be processed to your credit card within 7 days.

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No way…disabled. omg.ok thanks

This is the latest update
We are very sad to say that we have disabled the JobBoard indefinitely until we are able to work out some of the issues that have plagued the system. We feel that it is better to have a working system that will allow you to receive orders and properly service your clients, than an enhancement to the system. There is no timeline on the fix to the system, but when we have one in place, we will enable the feature once again.