Silk title & escrow llc

Has any one done any closing for
Silk Title LLC. 300 Centerville Rd Summit South Warwick, RI
I took a Closing from them today.

Yes, Great company and quick pay

How do you sign up with them?

For me, they used me through a SS… Then reached out to me directly afterward.


Good company but you need to be firm on your fee. Simple refi is $130 and $10 for faxback. Also avoid delivery to other location on signing completion. Hope this helps.

What do you mean by Avoid delivery to other location on signing completion? I am somewhat new and any advice is always appreciated. TIA

Thank You for your Reply!!

I’ve done a lot of signings for them also through a SS. I love their packages because they’re hybrids. So the wet signings are 80 pages or less. Additionally, their full packages are less than 130 pages. More importantly, they’ve never required a ‘fax back’, but if they do, I won’t mind because their packages are small in size compared to others who have 180 page refis and want full ‘fax backs’ with them.

How do you sign up for them I tried messaging and the portal says error