Simple Signings Agency - Issues

I wanted to let people know that this Simple Signings agency doesn’t keep track of its orders a few days old whether another agency has assigned the order to their notary signing agents. I have evidence of this because I very much wanted one nearby where I live that I responded within 20 seconds to their text. I waited but never received the order which usually comes with a phone call within 30 minutes.

Two days later I received the same order offered for $20 less fee ($130 vs. $115) from another agency. I think someone at SS either has a new job she’s adjusting to but it happened again today but in a different way.

So I noted SS was texting me at 8:00 a.m again today an order they had also offered on Friday I didn’t respond to. I wanted to test SS to see how this would turn out. I accepted the order, downloaded the docs, got the airway bill, even received a phone call confirming from SS. What happened next was borrower for the refi refused to answer my text, two vm’s and an email (where he receives emergency contacts). I started at 8:30 a.m. and never heard anything back. I know this is unusual and believe he already completed this signing through another agency.

Here’s how it all may work. SS apparently doesn’t assign notaries when they text out orders, sometimes they remain unassigned no matter if you accept them. The orders likely sit in their system unfulfilled and they don’t check if the signing was already farmed out to another agency. You get another text from SS offering the closed signing and they fail to check if the order was already completed by contacting WFG for instance.

So you download the docs, wait for the borrower to call back who feels no responsibility to let you know he already completed the process.Takes up a lot of your time phoning, texting, emailing. This I’ve witnessed twice I’ve been involved in. Must be a systematic problem issue. So, just because SS gives you the order doesn’t mean it’s real. It’s not real until the borrower confirms it with you.

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