Slow down in signings

Do signings slow down towards the end/beginning of the month? I’m in SoCal

Probably slow now due to the holiday weekend. Last week was crazy busy.

For me the slow down here in NC is the 1st and last week. The 2nd and 3rd week of the month is when i am most busy.

I was previously a loan officer. If I didn’t close a deal by the end of the month I didn’t get my commission until the end of the following month. So LO’s are hustling mid to end of month to get those deals closed.
I am always crazy busy at that time. I’m in No. Cal
Then at the beginning of the month the cycle starts all over. It definitely slows down, but if you are signed up with enough Signing companies it works out ok.

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Ditto! It has slowed down, but this past week picked up a bt.