SLOW PMT => 6-8 Weeks: Anyone closed for Convenient Settlement Services?

I closed for this company 6/2/2022 and have not received payment. I left 2 voicemails with no return call and sent an email.

I’ve done just one for them on 06/09/2022. I got the check the other day.

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Stay friendly! It could just be an oversight. Or if the issue is they did not receive your billing invoice, resend it. Without an invoice you may not get paid. And if this is the first signing you have done for them, include a signed W-9. Email to them and send a hard copy to their mailing address. I am very confident you will get paid.

Convenient Settlement Services LLC
18125 W. Catawba Avenue, Suite # 6
Cornelius, NC 28031
Phone: (828) 595-4948
Fax: (704) 462-6429

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Their instructions said not to send an invoice. Just the Signing Agent Disclosure that the customer had to sign at the closing, then, not send it back with the package but to email it to them. I closed for them on 6/3 and have not received anything. I have not contacted them knowing they cut checks on the middle of the month for the previous month closings. Being the 21st of the following month… I left them 2 messages and then sent an email today as well. I’ve been pretty lucky with getting paid quickly with the exception of Fidelity. A local office stuck me with 3 unpaid. Too big of a company to care. I just heard back, so I am glad they responded. We will see how long it takes to get a check now. I was a little worried. I have an invoice but seldom need to use them. Thanks for the contact info! You like working with them? New one for me.

(CA) It may be helpful for you to know that, for me, I have one primary signing service that sends me a lot of assignments. Sometimes it takes 60-70 days to get paid, but they always pay me – always. I’ve just gotten used to it. That company treats me really well and I have learned to be patient.
In relation to your not getting paid, if the signing service is a good one, my advice is to be patient and allow the wheels to grind and you’ll get paid. 6 weeks is not that unusual. However, if you have doubts about the honesty of the company, follow all the advice posted on this forum for collecting on your long-delayed fees.


I did a closing for them June 2022. Had to call and email but received a response say check was in the mail. It arrived to today, 7/26.

They are a great company. They pay slow, but they always pay.

Yes, recently. June 3, paid by the end of the month. I had no issues with being paid.

Same experience, paid slow but paid. Only did one closing for them though.