Here is my list of Do's and Dont's from SNAPDOCS


1) DO NOT USE SNAPDOCS to TRACK and UPLOAD your NON-SNAPDOC data/ signings. SNAPDOCS will target those companies and eventually the prices your companies offered will be cut town. Congratulations ! YOu just made it worse for every one

2) DO NOT ACCEPT orders below $100 for Any type of signings + $15-$25 for fax back + $25 for 3rd signer, and so forth.I once had 4 signers in a REFI.. I asked for and received $175.. I should have asked for $250

3) DO NOT ACCEPT Debt settlements ( Mortgage / Commercial) .. I M O those are illegal as most of them are con jobs

4) DO NOT ACCEPT TO ACT as AGENT for DEBT Settlements. It is illegal in most states , to be a notary and then also represent the company as its agent.


1) If you accept low ball offers on snapdocs, study them and then turn around and ask for higher fees above $125 to $150. If signing service they usually get paid $150 to $250 per signing and try to get you for as cheap as possible. So DEMAND YOUR FAIR SHARE. Now if every notary did that, this cheating of notaries will eventually stop.
Total time spent on signing = Print time , Number of pages, Number of signers, Distance / Time spent on traffic, Fax Back, Always last minute rush jobs or very late night jobs should be extra premium. You have to STICK TO YOUR GUNS ...

2) Let the title / escrow / settlement officer know if you are not getting paid on Time. Tell them about snapdocs and ask them to directly jump on it while abandoning signing service. That is the best way to get at these 'pimps'


Nice comments re: debt settlements - Totally agree specifically regarding "debt consolidation" documents. Company told me that legally all was ok as long as I didn't say I was an agent of the law firm. So I said, "ok" to my first debt settlement and then got the paperwork. I looked very carefully so I would know what the documents were and where to sign. What an amazing consumer ripoff. Fee was almost 1/2 of the debt, lawyers got paid 1st for 2 years before any negotiations occurred on reducing the debts or interest fees of the poor consumer. Plus, lawyers could back out at any time. Unbelievable. At least a refinance is for someone's benefit, and well-regulated. I refused the debt consolidation signing and even wrote to my Senator about it. What an awful way to take advantage of desperate people.


What the 1st dont is very frusturating i though this would be a great easy way to track all my signings, I dont want my non-snapdocs clients to be harrassed. Guess I will go back to the way i was tracking before


An attorney running this deals will get disbarred & jailed fast.
Hence there firms, that use titles such as firm, attorney, paralegal etc during the direct email, direct snail mail process. However many of them are NOT attorneys. Some of them claim that, will work with attorney. Perhaps it's an attorney who has been disbarred.

State by state rules vary.
So these debt consolidation or relief firms usually target out of state clients.
In some states these debt consolidation agencies actually must be a non profit entity.
I can bet that those operate now are mostly for profit con job, boiler room operations.

1 Like is the best way to go, they have no stake in this industry except for providing this program.


Great Advice! I am a newbee, however I believe we all have to stick to our guns and value our time and work.


There are ZERO orders that post for $100+ on SD’s here in Vegas.
If I were to contest a SD and demand higher…then I would get zero SD’s orders period.

Ummmmm you never represent anyone in any transaction.
Not sure what you mean. It’s none of our opinion as notaries to look at, judge, or have concern over interest rates.

Maybe you are getting emotionally involved with your orders? Go, do the order, drop and you are done.

Concern for the signers for XYZ can keep you up all night, I could not imagine doing such and it’s boarder line illegal to even speak about it.

Take care and I wish you only the best!


You are a notary, in ANY transaction you should have zero opinion. You notarize and move on.


Notary assist is a great program. Mileage, all notary data, income, clients, etc can be stored here.

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So do you add the singing to Notary Assist for you to manage your business or do company post jobs?

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I use Notary Assist for all my business records which include date/time of appointments, hiring agency, names and addresses of all parties, date of invoice, date of payment, and income paid and owed. Special notes may be added for unusual activity, extra mileage, etc. Of course, I keep a written daily log too.

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I like your advise but Phoenix is watered down and it would be a lottery ticket for
those prices you charge, what state are you in ?

I have all my ducks in a row so to speak, verified creds, high ranking, all settings are good, but I cannot get snapdocs to send me any jobs in my area. I am new and totally frustrating. One last night in my neighborhood and another agent texted me to see if I got it. No text, no call, nothing. Am I wasting my money and what should I do to get business except for marketing myself, of course?

Ive been using Snapdocs to find notary work for the last five years. As a matter of fact, the majority of work I do has come from Snapdocs. Many of the assignments are close by but when they aren’t, I reply with a travel fee and if they don’t have another bid, they assign me the job with my travel costs. I’ve never ad any issues with them.
You are right, the response and assignment of notary work isn’t instantaneous. But the assignment does happen. Nothing is a sure bet and this is similar.
I will say, simply because your credentials are uploaded doesn’t guarantee you’ll get work. You have to be willing to take jobs that you don’t want in order to get good reviews. These reviews from the signer and the client are what bolster your credentials and make you a more appealing signing agent. Sometimes we have to inconvenience ourselves to convenience ourselves.


Anyone in northern CA having regular success with Snapdocs?

SnapDocs: will snap a notary into loss & desperation. Low fees, shady companies, long payment delays, notary reviews that you cannot see or review or defend. It’s like notaries are second class here. It’s best for beginners & as you learn your ropes, move on to better paying companies.


Yes I’m still waiting to bother signing up there. I’m now on week 2 of no assignments. I’m guessing people who work with companies on Snapdocs still should check the company’s rating prior to accepting work.

I get stuff from Snap Docs regularly. Your information is important, makes sense. Thank you for sharing.


I would think that Snap Docs would be beneficial to title companies/escrow agents as a tool to find signing agents who have been screened and considered by SD to be qualified to do signings What I don’t understand is why signing services would sign up with SD. The function of the SS is to locate signing agents on behalf of their title/escrow customer. The SS instead uses SD to find the SA leading to a lower fee to the SA and pretty much invalidating the function of the SS since SD is doing their work for them. SD works for the SA if the SA is able to land the jobs from title companies using the SD platform. The fee will be higher and in most cases will not be held up for later payment as is the policy of most SS.

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I don’t think it’s very hard to figure out why it works like this. The title companies are going to pay the same amount for the signing, whether to a SS or the SA. The difference is that they don’t have to deal with it once they give it to the SS. The SS then discounts their fee to the SA to make up for their cost to Snapdocs (plus other expenses) and for their own profit. Nobody cares whether the SA is getting a fair fee for the signing. Everyone is interested in their own profit and convenience. That’s the way the world works.