Anyone in northern CA having regular success with Snapdocs?

SnapDocs: will snap a notary into loss & desperation. Low fees, shady companies, long payment delays, notary reviews that you cannot see or review or defend. It’s like notaries are second class here. It’s best for beginners & as you learn your ropes, move on to better paying companies.


Yes I’m still waiting to bother signing up there. I’m now on week 2 of no assignments. I’m guessing people who work with companies on Snapdocs still should check the company’s rating prior to accepting work.

I get stuff from Snap Docs regularly. Your information is important, makes sense. Thank you for sharing.


I would think that Snap Docs would be beneficial to title companies/escrow agents as a tool to find signing agents who have been screened and considered by SD to be qualified to do signings What I don’t understand is why signing services would sign up with SD. The function of the SS is to locate signing agents on behalf of their title/escrow customer. The SS instead uses SD to find the SA leading to a lower fee to the SA and pretty much invalidating the function of the SS since SD is doing their work for them. SD works for the SA if the SA is able to land the jobs from title companies using the SD platform. The fee will be higher and in most cases will not be held up for later payment as is the policy of most SS.

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I don’t think it’s very hard to figure out why it works like this. The title companies are going to pay the same amount for the signing, whether to a SS or the SA. The difference is that they don’t have to deal with it once they give it to the SS. The SS then discounts their fee to the SA to make up for their cost to Snapdocs (plus other expenses) and for their own profit. Nobody cares whether the SA is getting a fair fee for the signing. Everyone is interested in their own profit and convenience. That’s the way the world works.


Yes especially Sunshine Signings (Keri)- they are ruthless and very shady to pay. Especially dealing with Laura O/Keri. She low balled me on a job then she removed after begging me to take the job because they needed it done ASAP. I settled because I had to be up early for another signing and she ending screwing me at the end. No print fee or travel. Never again do business with or for Keri. I haven’t block Sunshine Signings because I do think it’s the coordinator not the company but I will not go out of my way for the company in general.

No one should “inconvenience themselves” to get “more reviews” from SnapDump.

The platform caters ONLY to their paying clients, that’s it. We are mere worms that they use to lure in the big fish.

It is a damn shame that NSAs feel that have to take those crappy low ball paying closings in order to get “better ratings”! Absolutely ridiculous.

What SD should do, is to be FAIR TO THE NSAs and let them in on what their paying customers see, as far as our secret rating/percentage, which, by the way, the NSA CAN NOT / NOT ALLOWED to see. Nor can we see the ridiculous “thumbs up or down” along with any reviews posted about us.

These practices need to change! We are SD’s most precious asset, yet some are are willing to bait their own hooks for crappy low ball offers, all for the sake of getting better reviews?

You do know that there is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that the NSA will even get a review. So what’s the point again?

Oh yeah to line the coffers of SD and not your own.

PS. I too use Notary Assist, started this year, to track all of my work, including GNW. I will pay the very small fee under 7 bucks, so that my client information is protected, and not marketed, like SD’s does to NSAs non-SD clients.


Most definitely strongly agree with chicagonotaryservice that it is very wrong to take a SD signing you don’t want just to get more reviews. Sorry, but that’s just putting your business in the bargain bin. That is also why they do allow you to ‘just say no’.
Don’t let yourself be used and abused!


It has been 4 months that I have been signed with Snapdocs with a High rating. Only received 3 notifications, 2 I did not respond quick enough and the 3rd one the borrower canceled the HELOC.

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I am removing myself from Snapdocs. Lots if unscrupulous signing agencies, stress of non payment, low ball fees, constantly micro managing, agents…

My litany of complaints go on


In most cases Snapdocs becomes the 3rd party and we become the 4th why would anyone want to subject themselves to this as a professional notary ??


I get hits all day from SD and I don’t take lower than $100 on anything.

Just depends what market you are in. I’m in Vegas.


Debt settlements and consolidations are not notarized transactions, do not come with notarial certificates, and are fishy business practices. Because debt consolidations must legally have a face-to-face representative upon signing a contract, these companies hire mobile notaries to be a representative or agent of that company. This allows them to skirt the ‘telemarketer’ laws (because some of the transaction is done in person after the initial phone contact). The notary often must read verbatim a spiel covering the same information that was pitched over the phone, refuse to answer any questions, not give opinions, etc. Because this format is similar to some notary jobs and espouses similar ethical proceedings, notaries are recruited to carry them out, jeopardizing the legal and ethical reputation of notaries. There is no notarizations done in these dealings, therefore the notary is not under any legal or ethical obligation to accept or complete such assignments.
Moreover, many of these companies work remotely, ignoring many states’ laws that require the business to be registered in the same state as their client, and hoping the notary will not be familiar with the Uniform Debt Management Service Act of 2005 or their own state’s regulations.
Best to stay away.


I like your attitude towards your business. YOu gotta be in it to be profitable.

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Ive been using notarygaget as my tracking system and its awesome, not only can you track all your signings including expenses mileage and notarial acts but they automatically generate tax reports. I pay a yearly fee and its totally worth it. You can add reoccurring costs i.e. paper, wifi, cell phone and it links to your google cal
I highly recommend

I’m using an Excel spreadsheet. Nowadays there’s an app for eeverything.
I wouldn’t be surprised if someone creates an app “how to think”

2 Likes is a notary software to track your signings, expenses,mileage, invoices,maps, Profit/Loss!

Did they expand and add being a signing service to their product line?

I think they were referencing this program because the original post did mention tracking your closings through SD…

Totally agree about debt settlements. I’m thankful the one I had, the signer was an intelligent man and discovered the mis-information and did not sign. I will not take those anymore.