I’m using an Excel spreadsheet. Nowadays there’s an app for eeverything.
I wouldn’t be surprised if someone creates an app “how to think”

2 Likes is a notary software to track your signings, expenses,mileage, invoices,maps, Profit/Loss!

Did they expand and add being a signing service to their product line?

I think they were referencing this program because the original post did mention tracking your closings through SD…

Totally agree about debt settlements. I’m thankful the one I had, the signer was an intelligent man and discovered the mis-information and did not sign. I will not take those anymore.


I have done 6 debt reconciliations and I felt really bad afterward. After seeing these postings, . I once used one of these companies for myself and I ended up
doing most of the negotiating and settlement with the card companies.
I will turn them down in the future; I feel better already.

wow, I guess I just lucked out when my debt settlement assignment fell through. This Law Firm" was asking me to do this- and I didn’t catch the problem. I’m so glad I read this! With that said, my package did have notarizations in it. It was for a power of attorney. Is there anything I should do to alert the authorities about this company claiming to be a law firm?

All states have legally established NON PROFIT debt conselling agencies. They charge only a fixed fee after service.
Not the monthly direct ACH dip in a poor persons bank account like these charlatans do.

Debt settlement from out of state are for profit companies, operating in a shady almost illegal arena & have refined form of the art of the con. Most reprehensible.

Many customers are slowly groomed and coached & the smooth talk operators provide a very sympathetic ears, and emotional( fake) support that some customers feel it is the absolute right thing to do is send money, when they dont have any money to pay even a small percentage of the debt.


Report to your state Attorney General office & also the Attorney General office of state where the company is situated and perhaps FBI as well. Interstate crime may have been committed or attempted to .

Never ever ever get involved with any debt settlement or debt consolidation outfits, they are all different but years later you could end up being wound up in some kind of bad lawsuit… RUN from them.

I so agree with you, if all notaries band together the low balling will stop! I don’t do anything under $100+ locally, anything outside of my local area increases. Again I will reinterate what. you’ve said, THINK NOTARIES, your time to compile/process docs, your paper, your ink, your drive time (no matter what the weather may be) and your willingness to serve the public should all come into play. Stand your ground!

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Good to know I dont do them anyway

      EACH and Every One of you? Please start Evangelizing the pits and perils of low fees and encourage them to start being more confident.. HOW ? Tell them how to stand up and say NO  to low fees. Show them your good earnings. I have now been sharing my good earnings. 
 Of course I am not gonna give my clients away, So they gotta also know that.

Yes, Sent to your state attorney general and county district attorney and perhaps also to FBI, as interstate fraud might be involved. Hence FBI !

I read another post that said new notaries shouldn’t expect to be paid more than seasoned notaries. (Posted by a seasoned notary). The assignment she referred to was a $40 signing. Any way you slice it, you’ll probably be LOSING money on that one! Even if you’re new, you still need to make a profit. It’s kind of dumb to work for free.

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Think you misread the statement. It’s not a closing doc. Debt settlements are morally wrong and as a sworn notary public[quote=“NotaryNow, post:7, topic:2628, full:true”]
There are ZERO orders that post for $100+ on SD’s here in Vegas.
If I were to contest a SD and demand higher…then I would get zero SD’s orders period.

Ummmmm you never represent anyone in any transaction.
Not sure what you mean. It’s none of our opinion as notaries to look at, judge, or have concern over interest rates.

Maybe you are getting emotionally involved with your orders? Go, do the order, drop and you are done.

Concern for the signers for XYZ can keep you up all night, I could not imagine doing such and it’s boarder line illegal to even speak about it.

Take care and I wish you only the best!

You wrote this last year - maybe things changed? I’m happy Vegas is now offering more higher paying jobs to Notaries.

From what I’ve told my husband – he is pretty sure this is illegal. He has been an attorney in this particular field for the past 30 years. I accepted one, without knowing what it was. I was floored when I read the documents… How could this be legal? I took it to my husband. He almost reported them… I told him not to. He told me it was good that I backed out, as I could have been representing a crooked company – and it could’ve had consequences for me later on.
DEBT Settlements are Horrible – Any lawyer would tell you that.


Report it to your State AG. Sponsor a law with the local state assembly member / state senator to prohibit non profit and especially OUT OF STATE non profits from offering debt related services.

Contribute something to society to change it for the better. Your husband is a lawyer, He definitely can help, instead of “Its not my problem anymore, Let someone else handle it”

I accept just a select few companies from snapdocs. If they are on vendor pay comes 1st. At least they pay out twice month. You learn with time who to work with and if you get on their favorites list, you’ll get notified of everything, even if it’s not in your area.

Sunshine Signings has screwed me over 3 times. I will never accept an assignment from them again. How do you block a company?

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I think you can block a company by clicking on one of their order requests and then look for the a link that states you don’t want to work with that company.

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When you see the option to change the pay. Keep scrolling down and you will see the block tab and comment tab.