Snapdocs is not Snaperrific and the NNA (NotaryNotAssociation)

If online dating sites such as Tinder & Bumble allow users to manage regional/territory availability, Snapdocs should too! But that would give us Notaries control, something that doesn’t “fit the model”.

Its unfortunate that logic is eroding in this digital world! Snapdocs represents a small portion of my practice. 6-8 signings between $500-$800 a month. Of course, I would like to grow my SD revenue. However, its difficult to do so without sacrificing quality and my sanity simultaneously. I am sure other can identify!

For example:

At least 3x per month I receive a notification for something at say $75 and then I counter at $135 and then it goes back out for $100… I counter again at $135… and then 2 hours later… it goes out again and for $125 …I counter at $135 and then … I take a peak and its at $150 (it never went out again, the fee just changed)… I attempt to accept and its filled for $150! All this accounted for at least a 10 minute waste of my time!

The algorithm is flawed and human error is obvious!

Additionally, its a travesty that we have zero control of our territories! Absolute no control! For example, I will be in… lets say Boston for the entire week… next week… a good 40 miles away. I have no way to shift the spotlight to that region for any duraton. That’s just wrong. As I understand, the algorithm and territory is determined by where you have completed assignments. I have been communicating this with SD Corporate and they don’t respond with action.

What good is the NNA? Where is the guidance for membership about Snapdocs?

Complete silence, instead of assisting membership with real issues that face us daily. They probably think is the only portal for assignments. I have spoken to them also, and there is no interest in acting like an actual voice for us. NNA should function more like a union and speak on behalf of us. Instead, they are focused on selling us products and partnering with Uber! Thats correct the NNA is more focused on getting us part time with work unrelated to being a Notary then assisting the membership as practicing Professionals!

“The National Notary Association has partnered with Uber to offer mobile Notaries a lucrative new income opportunity, and if you sign up to drive using the NNA’s partner link you will get a $50 reward from Uber after you complete your first trip.”

Uber is the world’s leading rideshare service that matches riders with drivers via a smartphone app. Being an Uber driver is a perfect additional income opportunity for mobile Notaries who want to make the most out of their downtime between signings, or when business is slow. Many mobile Notaries are used to being their own boss and making their own schedules. This fits well with rideshare companies, such as Uber."

… Thanks NNA … here is another $150 for the magazine and the lucrative offer to drive for Uber!

Happy New Year and share your wisdom accordingly!


You can change your address in SnapDocs for when you are in another place for a week

Just yet another reason why I am NOT a member!

Know this is an older post, but it’s so accurate it deserves being bumped up. Everything you said are still ongoing and unresolved issues that nobody is the least bit interested in fixing. Adding that many companies have now started their own version of snapdocs (with even more goofs) and some also started a ‘rating algorithm’ that is so flawed that their errors automatically become ‘notary error’. (i.e…
they forgot to include a contact # for the signer/took 3 hours to get that info from them, but notary is ‘dinged’ for not contacting signer within an hour of acceptance of order (also would be dinged if signer didn’t answer or return call). Seems it’s the way the world is heading and I don’t believe the end result will be a good one as above examples show.

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