Snapdocs Low ball fees

Has anyone had any decent fees from this low ball signing service ?
Unreal low fees…

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I am Oklahoma and have been using them the past year. I like their notification system and portal for accounting but get frustrated with fee offers and details on services and assignments. I see a number of low initial offers and at first I would pass them over by responding that the offer was too low however I saw that I was getting fewer and fewer notifications. Now my strategy is responding as always being available and try to negotiate directly with the soliciting isn’t always successful but I get a lot more opportunities and feel like I can work it into a higher fee. I average around 80 to 90 with them which is fairly good in this part of the country.

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Snapdocs does not set the fees, the individual signing companies and title companies that use Snapdocs set their fees. However, I have found that there are only a few companies using notaries in my area that pay a decent fee (and my definition of decent is $100 or more for a package of 125 pages or less, less than 15 miles away from me), and pay quickly (fees don’t matter if a company doesn’t pay). But that honestly doesn’t bother me because out of the 40-50 signings I do a month only 2-3 come from signing companies, the rest is direct business from title companies and builders who pay more than $100 per signing.


Snapdocs does not set the fees per se… But make no mistake about it, they play a bigger role than you may know. The companies set the per job fee, but…drum roll…Snapdocs has an algorythm which quickly looks at what the average fee in that area is, based on their internal data, and they will instantaneously reduce the offered fee to match the lower average. It is designed to help the signing companies be more profitable but it hurts all of us. So an order that a company put out at $100.00 may be intercepted and reduced to $80 because that was the average accepted rate in your area. They just robbed a notary of $20. They do this to justify the high costs of being on their network for the signing companies and they figure that there will always be a notary out there that is willing to do the job for less. sure enough there are notaries who will take these low ball offers, those notaries wont be around for long and new batch will come in and wash, rinse, repeat. The rest of us look at those and shake our heads, and YES snapdocs plays a heavy roll in pushing our fees down. For their benefit and for that of there money paying clients. They figure if they save money to those who are paying them, they can justify their high fees, they all win at our expense.


I’m in Ohio and used to get a mix of both low ball and decent offers from Snapdocs. This year though, it’s been mostly $50 or under.-its so frustrating to have to decline but then not to have anything else on the schedule. At this point, if it’s close I’ll put effort into negotiating a higher fee.

I just send back my standard fee of $150, and once I actually got the gig! LOL

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Just got one now from Coast 2coast… $30. Unbelievable!

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They offered me 40 dollars until this day haven’t called back that happened Saturday

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Hey I almost new to the industry. How do you get title companies and other companies to contract with you?

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with most title companies you must have 2 years experience.

Monica, to get direct business from title companies first and foremost you have to be an EXCELLENT Notary Signing Agent. In my opinion that means being virtually error free, being able to give a clear and concise description of each document, being able to discern possible issues in the documents and bringing it to the escrow officers attention so they can fix the error prior to the signing, being able to complete a signing in a timely manner etc. If all you know how to do is point and say “sign here” a title company has no reason to use you - you will actually create more work for them, not less. Almost every time I do a signing for a new title company or realtor they usually say “That was the best / fastest / smoothest signing that we’ve seen a NSA” do and then THEY ASK ME for my info so that they can use me again.
If you are already at that level then all you need to do to get title company business is to go to realtor meetings where escrow officers and their assistants will be. Here in San Antonio we have SABOR - the San Antonio Board of Realtors. These are literally marketing and networking meetings where you can talk with people in the business. I don’t find going to title offices during business hours very effective - Escrow officers are very busy and you are bothering them if you do that, not a great first impression.
Again, this is just my experience and opinion, it has worked for me but others may have a different experience.


Same experience here, Snapdocs fees are too low and it seems they are getting even lower. I turn down half of the offers due to the fee being too low & counter-offer but so far that hasn’t worked. There are a lot of NNA signing agents here in the San Diego area so it’s obvious Snapdocs has no problem getting agents to take the offers. I’m now also getting $30 Exo identity confirmation offers, did one, and now the last couple even requiring a suit be worn to the signing. What? For $30 I have to print out the docs, put on a suit, do the verification and then come back to scan the docs to them? Really?

would you like to share that list? you can email me direct if you want at

What list are you referring to?

I bargain my fees for all the companies. Please do not be afraid to bargain your fees I have seen time and time again how a $40, $50,$60, $75 fees turn into a $115, $125, $135 fees I never take anything below $100. I know that is a some notaries that take those low fees but to they have to work twice as much to get the fee I get so I don’t care to get those cheap offers. I always let go signings that are not productive for my business. I encourage you all to do so. I know that are some notaries that get pay more than I do and we should follow their lead. Let’s remember we are an important part of the signing process and need to be compensated fairly.

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yes, I have received decent fees but you have to say the pay is low and request the amount you think is fair If I get the job, fine…if not that is ok too. I don’t cut myself short for any reason. bummer is it is always 30 day payment

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Hello, you perform signings for builders? How does that work?


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Vikki, I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, can you be more specific?
A signing for a builder is pretty much just like a signing for any other purchase transaction and some builders like to do their closings in their community / sales office instead of the buyer going to the title office. You can market yourself to those builders to be the notary signing agent who comes to the sales office to complete the signing.

You can negotiate your fees with Snapdocs. At the bottom of the request you can either say “Yes…” or “No, because…” select pay to low and put in your desired fee. I signed up with them months ago. I kept selecting the "no, because and putting in my desired fee. I recently acquired two assignments from them at my desired fee. That is my experience with Snapdocs. Remember snapdocs is a portal for their clients, they don’t set the fees.

You pretty much answered my question. However, I thought notary signing agents/agencies were hired by the title companies. Builders can select the notary? Would you mind sharing the name of the builders, we are not in the same state so there is jo competition.

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