SnapDocs Multiple signers not disclosed

Just a rant … I booked a signing with Snapdocs direct the other day as a split signing. I was signing out a husband only. On the way to the signing, I was informed by the borrower that the 3 other people that need to sign would all be there because they came back the previous night.

Big surprise since I didn’t know anything about the property or the job, just that there was one signer. So, I accepted the low-ball fee thinking it would be quick. Then it was not.

An hour and 40 minutes at the signing table with 4 signors and out of state paperwork was not what I signed up for and Snapdocs won’t increase my fee even though title, or someone, is saving $100+ by not having to get another notary in the other state.

I would encourage EVERYONE, if a signing isn’t what they said it was - SEND IT BACK. Why are we accepting signing jobs for the same money they were paying 3 years ago when everything is so much more $$$. And the companies that don’t look out for their notaries or go to bat for us when things like this happen, don’t deserve to work with us.


When the parameters of the agreed-to Contract are altered WITHOUT advisement, concurrence, and/or fee adjustment => it constitutes a breach of the original contract.

Clearly, the scope of work was expanded (dramatically) . . .

Reach out to them directly for a fee revision. If they’re not amenable, yes, Turn the Signing Order [SO] back to them with specifics regarding the SO return in writing.



Do NOT let this slide. They done you wrong and you should stay on it WITH HIRING PARTY until they make it right. I would make the point you made in Paragraph 3 until they see the light. That, and the fact that they pulled this trick after you’d printed and were actually on the way…that’s just outrageous! Makes my blood boil… Always…polite, firm; repeat as needed.


“So, I accepted the low-ball fee thinking it would be quick. Then it was not.”

And that is your lesson going forward. No good deed goes unpunished.


I accepted a similar offer. Upon arrival I discovered there were 5 signers on a 1031, it was not a purchase with two as stated in the engagement email. I called the SS and informed that my fees for this muchnhiger due to the more complex engagement and sent them a paypal invoice for the higher fees. I also explained to the party at the table what happened and they weren’t happy. Collectively they were paying over $900 for my services.


Update: I didn’t let it slide as someone suggested. I called the 800 number on Snapdocs, explained the situation and they were great. Seriously, I didn’t even expect anyone to answer the phone but they did and within a few hours messaged me that they are covering my additional fee.

Now it appears the title company that originaly orchestrated the ‘tricker’ isn’t the one making it right, but rather Snapdocs. I did make the comment that I would appreciate if they looked out for their notaries. And they did!

I also asked if a company can file a complaint against us and affect our ‘score’ we should be able to do that to them. They then gave detailed instructions on how to block this company from future signing offers.

Thanks for the soapbox, lol


Good for you! I am amazed that SnapDocs is making it right. One thing, tho’…your blocking any company ONLY means they can’t contact you. It’s not a ‘rating’. If they’ve given you a bad rating, that will still show…and you’ll never see it or even know whether or not it happened. (This IS one of SnapDocs great mysteries that they will NOT share w/notaries.) The ‘score’ you see on your page is just a refection of how often you merely respond to an offer. Not even an indicator of whether or not you accepted it…just that you ‘responded’ one way or another.


@Arichter Absolutely :100: percent accurate!


That’s really despicable. What company was it?

Do you mean that they were billed $900 in total for your notary service?

Collectively, yes. $900 was charged to all parties. It was a complex closing that involved the 1031 exchange and incorporating additional investors on a commercial property.

I totally get your frustration! It’s important that companies respect the scope of work and compensate accordingly. Sending back a signing job that’s turned into something different than initially agreed upon sounds like a fair approach. We should definitely be compensated fairly for the time and effort we put in.

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Respectfuly, I would have done only his signature and explained to the others that I was hired for his signature and his signature alone. I would have printed out the agreement stating appointment was with the one party as annotated and sent it in with the documents as well as posted it to the snapdocs order. If they would have wanted me to go back out then they would pay me to go back out.

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Well, SnapDocs is taking care of the problem as far as additional payment is concerned

Although I can, sort of, agree with your stance - you could have done that but I’d almost guarantee you wouldn’t be paid. May want to put more thought into it before taking that action.


Hi Ms Linda,
Actually I did that a while back and I did get paid because the additional signers were scheduled for another date with other notaries so when they showed to the signers house I called the signing company and they weren’t aware of what was going on. They called the title company and made them aware. I was told to have only the signer sign. After a day and a half they called me back to ask if I could go back out there with a new set of documents and I was paid the $80 for the first signing and the second fee of $100 for a second signing. It was the signers who did not plan accordingly… I also did send up the directions of the first order. Hence why I gave that advice. Now it may not work for all but in my case it did work with that particular signing service and title company.

Your situation seems a bit different than OP’s … You notified hiring party … From your post I got the impression that you would only sign the one and not the others since were there. You got paid to go back out on a second trip - OP did not make a second trip…at hiring party’s request. If I misunderstood you, I apologize.

No no maam totally understood. I call the signing company for any and all things that dont add up. So for me its common knowledge to call before executing any documents if there seems to be issues or friction within the signing.
So no apologies necessary. People are trained differently. I just have been grateful to learn from the mistakes and keep pushing.
Glad the OP got it fixed.

Thanks for the conversation Ms Linda :blush::blush:

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I just mentioned this in a previous post. Four signors advertised as one with the actual product a Refi not a Seller’s package. I didn’t know what kind of assignment it actually was until I received the package but I asked for an adjustment as soon as I found out it wasn’t a split and I was handling all four.

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Three years ago? I’ve been in this business for nine years and rates since I started haven’t increased at all. The reason that we’re not offered more is because there are always newbies who will accept any lowball rate that is offered to them. Of course, then the signing services justify low rates by sending out emails about increasing error rates and threatening to reduce our fees. It’s a vicious cycle that never seems to end. Good thing that I’m retiring in a few years when my current commission expires.

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I’m so sorry that you were misled. I have been duped by a SS but caught the error before the signing. I called and informed them either increase fee or reassign. I was told it was a loan modification but it was a refinance. Over 200 pages and required three printouts. No way was I accepting a lowball offer for 600 plus pages.

Good luck getting your extra money.