New Loan Signing Agent: NO! to ASAP Signing Services LLC

I was afraid I’d confuse you…and it seems I was right. As there are as many minor variations in docs as there are title co’s, and I can’t see (nor do I want to) either the original order you got OR the docs you have… I’m just going to say read the papers you have and if you get confused, call hiring party for clarification. (Usually, but not always, whoever is supposed to sign the doc’s name is typed under the signature line.) The ‘not always’ usually applies to the gov. forms in a pkg…

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Thank you. This is why experience and really studying each document is so important, there are so many for each state, title company, etc. I really want to be a great Notary and fear I am not up to the “code” between Notaries but I am learning. :slight_smile:

The only docs I question are:

Escrow Instructions … Unless that is how they want their escrow balance returned.
Car Acceptance Instructions
Right to Cancel
Homeowner’s Policy

Now I admit I have been out of signings for several years but have a lot of miles under my belt. But, as Arichter said, companies vary. Just make sure you’re only doing one signing and not two (Seller only as you agreed to as opposed to Seller/Buyer that got snuck in on you). I say this because IME, 84 pages is a very large Seller only package.

Best of luck.

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Thank you LindaH-Fl I am going to go cry now… :sob: :grinning:

I’m sitting here questioning if I can even do this. I know breathe and not over think but this has been stressful. At least on the Loan Processing side of things you have the same documents over and over again here in Tennessee but when it comes to other states and what have you there are so many and I am afraid that I will do something wrong.

Well, lessoned learned. It is a Seller/Buyer package and not just a Seller package as it was asked when I took the assignment. Now it all makes since. I really do appreciate all of you ladies taking the time to help me. I’m off to flag and lick my wounds on taking this for $100

Don’t take it for $100 … Either they pay you more (I say double) or ask them to reassign. Seriously. Don’t fall for this

Now I think it’s time to tell us the name of the company who pulls this underhanded sh** and takes advantage of a notary.

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The appointment is for in the morning at 10:00am and it is from ASAP Signing Services, LLC. I have already called the seller and have been in constant contact with the Title company as well as with Andrea.
I am afraid if I back out at the 11th hour on this that it will just look bad for everyone involved. I think I will just push through this one but they will be on my list of NOT to take signings from or at least asked more pacific questions in the future.

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Of course this is your call…however, I would suggest you do a search here about this company … read all that has been posted about them … and really believe those who have gone before you. Knowledge is power

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Oh my goodness! This company is a complete waist of time and disheartening that they do this too notaries. I have put them on my list of DO NOT TAKE due to non payments, etc. I am going to let her know that she will need to find another Notary. Again, thank you so much and every single lady who has stopped by to answer all of my questions and concerns. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!


@NotaryServicesOfTennessee Regarding changes in the agreed-to Contract please see my Reply on another thread from a few minutes ago . . .



@NotaryServicesOfTennessee Yes, the info available on Notary Cafe is very insightful & helpful, too! The Forum database is a GOLDMINE of information.

It’s always wise to research & vet a new client prior to providing a definitive confirmation to them for your initial Signing Order for them. A great start of research would begin within the Notary Cafe forums Search Function.

Most members find it difficult/nearly impossible to locate the Search Function in order to access the wealth of info available within the database.

To be helpful, I’ve inserted an image for you & others [see below] to help members locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.

Accessing the database to locate info about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . .


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Good call…dump the signing and the company and don’t look back. You are never ‘obligated’ to someone taking advantage of you—which they sure were.


I wished you had researched this company too, it would be in the New Year before you get your money, after trying for 2mos! The 100.00 for a sellers is an excellent base with no scan! They are usually less than 50pgs! Refi & Purchases which are upwards of 160pgs. Should be in the $160-190ish add additional if scans! Read up on dead beat SS! Watch them snakes!

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Have you encountered any signing service that gives these fair fees?

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I set my fees/rates like any other business and they are set for my benefit not their’s!!


How did that go? I just saw your post. When I was new I used to make up index cards using my NNA Sourcebook to describe each of the documents I presented. I kept them on the table in case I froze up.

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They are on my NOT TO TAKE jobs from list. I thought I had looked in the right place to find out if they were good or not but I guess I didn’t so, learning and will continue to learn.

I don’t think that’s low for Seller docs; they are usually around 30 pages or less. Since the signing is fairly close by and no Scans, you did just fine on the $100. However, you should try to find a mentor to help you study the different kinds of loan signings so you can feel confident. Nowadays it’s Purchase, Seller, HELOC, and Reverse Mortgages.

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I recently had a 'Seller’s package with only one person listed on the signing order. When I called her she told me there were actually 4 signers. I asked her if it would be a split, she said no, her instructions were to make sure everyone was there. I immediately informed the scheduling company and told them I would need an extra fee for multiple signers. When I received the documents there were quit claims for two of the signers and refi for two of the signers, one coming on title for the first time. This was NOT a seller’s package it was a refi with two signers coming off title and one being added. Do not be shy and also if you receive the package and it is extra large (plus 180 pages or everything printed on Legal) ask for an adjustment.

On a second note if that is the ASAP and Andrea that I’ve heard of, she pays well and always pays. She hires my brother seemingly exclusively in our area and has never had payment issues.

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