SnapDocs Sign Up

I know some of you dislike SnapDocs. I signed up with them in February and have not received one notification. Not one. I would just like to experience it. I emailed them asking whether my profile was incomplete, they said no, all is good. It’s just that more experienced notaries may get more notifications. Well, let me in, so I can get more experienced rating with you.
If you had the same problem and/or know how to fix it, I appreciate your quick answer.

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My personal opinion only… i would focus on other SS and dont lose sleep over SnapDocs. Less than 1% of my completed assignments came from SnapDocs since I started and they were often on the lower paying end.

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It took a me awhile to learn how to work Snapdocs and I personaly didnt get any offers for over a month when I first signed up. Then I accepted jobs and they just looked past me, often time paying way more than what I offered.

Once I started getting offers, I responded to every one quickly, even just to decline. They track your responses, and even if a company sends out multiple offers, you have to respond to each one or it lowers your “response rate” and apparently you get bumped down the list. This is super inconvenient when you are busy!

I took most jobs that were offered when I first signed up and I only got roughly 100.00 for full refinance with scanbacks.

Snapdocs is slower now, but I do have my companies that I have proven myself with that always request and communicate with me. I counter bid and often get what I bid them for. I live in a very very rural area so everything is far! I’m now established with these companies and I on average bid full refi for 150.00 to 200.00 if its far. I don’t do a bunch of cheap jobs anymore because I have learned how valuable my skill and time are. This comes with time😊

There have been times a job may have been a small seller package, but its 2 hours away. I have bid it at 150.00 and been responded to rudely by the signing company. One person responded 150??? For a 50 page closing???
I didn’t explain myself. Number 1 this is my company and my time. I dont need to take any job I dont want to, and number 2, if the company responds to me this way, I most likely dont want to work with them anyway. They sent the job offer through snapdocs, but then emailed me privately to comment the above message ( and yes, they did use all these question marks :joy::joy::joy::joy:)

For me, if I’m driving 2 hours one way, I don’t care if its 50 pages, I still need to be compensated for my time. I have taken smaller paying jobs, then missed out on the better paying jobs that were closer because was I already committed to the smaller job.

I accept and am accepted for maybe 2 or 3 jobs a month through Snapdocs these days but its enough money to make it worth it for me.

Hope this helps!:blush:

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I have also signed up for SnapDocs since 11-21. I am just now getting offers, that I loose to other notaries. But I learned to respond, like in 2 seconds. With that said, I have other SS and work on marketing at least 1 hours a day. Google Business by far, is been my best resource. I get Title Companies that don’t pay for SS. They pay more it seems. Also, I am a part time signing, I just want to keep busy in my retirement.