Social Media ...does it work for you

How many of you have a IG for your business? Do you focus on customers? I ask because to be honest I really don’t think any of my target customers use IG. So I do affirmations… Business Quotes…etc. I don’t have many followers and i use lots of hashtags. I do business suite and have my posts go from My FB page to IG …then I promote on LinkedIn and my free Google website. BUT I have a paid website that I feel is more professional. I think it’s easier for the elderly and businesses to find me on Google with the free site and companies find my professional one. But I can’t see them going to my IG and FB pages for the company. So my questions really is…does social media work for you?

Well, social sites are not good for you, in my opinion. I’m not on anything else out there. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter, etc. The one and only place I’m on is Notary café that is it! Notary Cafe is fine if you don’t let the negatives get through you. I also feel that Notary Cafe is worth the $30 annual fee!


I’m not a fan of Facebook (now META) and Instagram is all about pictures and videos. I’m on Yelp! because it is for business purposes and I’m getting about one hit per day and 50% of those turn into a ‘sale’. Many people don’t like paying the travel fee; I guess they think what I do is a free service. I’m gonna work on making my Yelp presence more attractive so I can get more GNW.
I’m on LinkedIn but I can’t really say it’s done much for me. Even my cool website doesn’t draw much attention. Fortunately, the signing services have, for the most part, been good for me. When the refi rage is over, I’m sure that will slow down.
Social media??? Meh.


I personally have a FB and IG for my business. Its very simple to create and you don’t have to really be active on them much. I created mine with basic info and contact information. I share my business pages on my personal pages every few weeks and same with posting from the business pages. I actually received my first GNW off of a FB post, the morning after I created the page and posted for the first time.

Social media really works as a great tool for promotion.

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Agree, supplements my in-person and email marketing and helps convert prospects when they see your overall omnipresence.

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