Software for Accepting Orders

Is there a software available that will automatically accept signing orders that are sent to your email or that will notify you when a Title Company send an email? I know I’m reaching but I thought I would ask anyway.

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If there was such a thing, I surely wouldn’t use it. You might find yourself driving 3 hours for $40.
And if you return too many after accepting, I would think that would count against you.

There are e-mail ‘notifiers’ for most e-mail carriers that will let you know an e-mail is coming in, but it will include every co. trying to sell you something, too.

Google notifiers for your e-mail program. The one I use (for gmail) has many options (i.e. sounds, quick flash on screen, but picking “only from a named company” is not one of them, tho’ that would be nice.


Yes Square appointments is what I use!

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