Software for scanbacks

What software do you use for scanbacks?

I use the software that came with my mobile scanner Epson EW 300 workhorse best investment ever!


I have Epson ES-300WR. Most amazing little scanner ever! Affordable, portable and fast! I can scan 100 pages in 5 minutes! Software came with the it.

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How is the information sent back to the company, is it specifically through the epson software?
Do you still have to upload to the companies website or email it if it is requested through email? If you still have to send it through email how do you ensure encryption to protect confidential information? Sorry for so many questions in one post!

Ok, I recommend that you don’t take anything with scan-back until you know the process well!

With mine I scan into my desktop and then I drop it in their designated platform
If they want via email I send with encrypted email with password protection. Then send password separately to open via text or phone call so they can open the file safely.

Protecting Client’s information is paramount!



Software typically comes with a scanner/ MFD.

If what you have is a more recent model it likely has the Scan to PDF built in. Check your model on the manufacturer website for the of functions /features it has.

I will not purchase a device that will not scan directly to PDF without additional software. It’s inefficient.

We expanded something’s and need to free up space so I got rid of the Kinkos style device we had and moved to a workgroup tabletop model. You don’t need that expense though. We do way more than notary work.

Post your brand and model if you’re not sure and I’ll check it for you.

Be sure to @ me so I get notified you need me attention. I don’t actually check the forums on a regular basis.

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The software scans directly to a PDF and I have it set up to where I download the file to my dropbox folder titled “scanbacks”

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I scan directly to my computer from my brothers multifunction printer/scanner. If necessary I use Adobe PDF tools to “enhance” scan to make it a smaller file. I only upload to their secure platform.
I paid for a full Adobe DC subscription to have the capability to combine and enhance files when necessary.