Solidifi? Are they still around

It has been a while since i have heard from Solidifi? Are they still around? I know the market has changed but they have been way too quiet. ( Central Virginia area)

@kblakelynotary I’m relatively confident you’re already cognizant of the downturn in our business sector. The downturn is attributed to various factors & multiple variables in our market.


I’ve performed a cursory web search on your behalf & for general appearances, they do appear to still be active/in business. They posted Holiday Greetings to their employees on LinkedIn 1 day ago.


Regarding anecdotal direct experience with Solidifi, my most recent Signing Order [SO] with them was successfully completed in the 2nd Quarter of the current calendar year (2023).

As a Partner with Solidifi, I received warm Holiday Greetings via email. :santa::christmas_tree::snowflake:


Hoping other members also ‘chime in’ to provide their own direct anecdotal experience as well . . .


Does anyone have an email address or phone number for Solidifi?

@camelcitynotary Perchance, have you checked their website?

There is a plethora of contact data available there.


Internet Search to their website:
solidifi .com

Scroll to the bottom of their Home Page:

Left click “For Appraisers & Notaries”

VOILA! All the answers to your queries are immediately available. :tada: