SOLIDIFI... How much?

I just got approved with Solidifi, and about to start doing signings for them. I’ve been reading how a wonderful company it is to work for them… still I got a bit shock when they told me that their base fee is $110, and if I was okay with it, because “that’s the rate in your area”. My question is, do they pay printing fee also, as AMROCK, or is all one fee for refinance???
Thank you for any input.

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Did you ask the person who recruited you? Any work is worth the time, especially right now ;-/ Did you figure your cost for supplies per page? Travel?

Yes, I asked, the answer was “that’s the rate fee in your area”

I made a post earlier about an experience I had with SSC, relative to this one. My printing costs (through Kinko’s, obviously not a great idea) would’ve been more than double the fee. I then saw a line in the beginning pages of the package that stated if the SA cannot leave a copy with borrower, you can check a box to have the docs mailed, or emailed, by the lender.

Does Solidifi have that option? I didn’t see that line until after I had to let the signing go, since I’d be at a massive deficit. Has anyone ever opted for this, or seen this option in paperwork?

No - You tell Signer they will receive their final copies with stamps from the Lender or Title Agency.
&& Did you say you print at Kinko’s? I don’t think that’s a good idea at all… Do two signings & get yourself a dual tray printer/scanner to use at home - That is not following Federal Private Personal Information guidelines…Wow. Anyone who is trained in contracts, NSA or FHA would not do that.


Know this is older thread, but just got an offer from Solidifi --a title co.f/k/a Linear Title for a signing 48 miles & 1 hr. drive (one way), with scanback for $119.26. At that rate, I’d be paying to do it. Guess it’s b-bye solidifi.

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48 miles is working for FREE :woman_facepalming:t2:
Their offers is my area is no more than 10-15 miles… mostly 5-8 miles

Solidifi is really good platform and fair.
They pay every week you can negotiate your fee and if you have set an great standard as notary they will increase your base fee.
There is an option to lower your radius so you get more Signing closer however if your over 20 Miles there tool adds little for mileage.

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