Sombrero Capital

Heads up about this company out of San Antonio. They have docs to be signed for property tax loan. They sent me to a couple who is from el savador whom only have passports for ID and the woman did not speak any english. The paperwork had the woman name which was different from her passport, When I called Sombrero captial to let them know that the paperwork did not match the passport and the gentlemans name was miss spelled. They said I just need to have them sign it like it was printed on the paperwork . There was an name affidavit that show them with the correct name under as known as. I was elevated up to the supervisor who said I need to get them to sign as is on paperwrok, I told them I could not since they IDS did not match. He told me that he has notaries that do this all the time and it was no big deal. Upon telling him that it was illlegal for me to sign this. He hung up on me. I called back and got the first guy. I asked what were they going to do and I wanted to be paid. He said they were not going to pay me and leave.
I will not ever do any work for them or any other company that wants me to turn my head and let someone sign who does not have proper ID let alone sign paperwork that they can not understand nor read english.
Spread the word…Its not worth it or you might end up in court and lose you license…

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Thank you for posting your actual experience on a ‘property tax loan’ signing. Been a bit of buzz about this lately and nobody has seemed to know much about them, but suspicions have been high! From your experience, I’d rank these right up there with Debt Relief signings (may or may not be legal, but definitely aren’t helping the signer/s). Appreciate your candor and believe you’ve helped a lot of notaries avoid these by providing this information.

I am in San Antonio and appreciate you giving heads up about this company. I think you handled it perfectly. Why ask for ID if it doesn’t matter if it matches. That is not good business and it doesn’t sound like this company is acting ethically.