Someone Help Please

So, I am registered with Notary Cafe and other platforms as well. Perhaps, I have yet to receive a signing. Can someone please assist, tell me if there’s something I should be doing.


sometimes it can take time getting your first assignment. where are you located?


Are you an registered NSA with the NNA? I know people have varying feelings about the organization, but my first assignments came from my posting on I was not able to take the initially offered assignment, but I was invited to register with the agency and I then started getting assignments within days…

If you registered well with the platforms, putting all your credentials, just pay attention to your phone when they text you :wink:

Here are a couple of companies to email your resume. Keep it short and to the point. - 909-294-3484

This company may be slow in the beginning

Good Luck

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Thank you for the tip but I have worked with Metro Inspections for 5yrs. I found them to quite pleasurable and pay promptly.
I also have worked for Notary Signing: full mortgage loans
Coast2Coast: partial loans, which after 30 days and assistance from a very excellent associate the pay was consistent.