Split signing errors just floored me today... OMG

So today I had my first split signing experience where my signer was the second signer on the documents. I now have an appreciation for why some of the signing services are nervous about using new notaries. The errors that I saw today made me mad and I seriously want to reach out to that notary and tell her to get the proper training or stop doing loan signings.

These are the errors she made.

  • 1 - She placed her stamp on documents that did not have the notarial verbiage.
    -2- (I am not making this up I SWEAR) Every document that she notarized was done incorrectly
    -3- She had her signer initial areas where my signer was supposed to initial
    -4- She placed her stamp over the word “Seal” on every document that had that wording.

I understand that not everyone can afford some of the paid training…I get it. But there are other sources of free training like Coast2Coast on YouTube and I believe Loan Closers offer free training too. After the signing, I called the company and let them know the errors that I found and they were happy that I called them to let them know so that they could give the title company the heads up. All I can say is I did my part correctly and error free so I expect my check… :rofl:


THAT PART hahahahaha


My thoughts exactly. If the errors were so egregious that the file has to be resigned, getting paid will be difficult even if the second notary did the job properly. I would have given the SS or title company a heads-up about the errors before the signing, and gotten their approval to go ahead before I left my home.


I would have done that but the documents were sent directly to the second signer so I had no chance to review the documents prior. The best I could do was complete the signing and let the signing company know after. They assured me that it would not impact me getting paid on time.


Holy crap, did you get caught between a rock and a hard place. In your opinion, were the other notary’s mistakes so bad as to cause a re-sign regardless of how you did your job?

My wife has been a Senior EO for many years. Getting competent notaries to do her signings is always a serious challenge.

If they don’t get some of those documents resigned they will have a serious compliance issue on their end. Some errors were minor but when you notarize a deed incorrectly for example… SMH

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Glad you did everything correctly on your end.

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