SS frustration and miscommunication

First time posting here, be gentle ; )

I’m looking for a bit of guidance on a situation from just this past hour. I received a notification for a re-fi (176pg) in a neighboring zip code (a 20 minute drive) this evening. The size of the doc package, the drive time, and the fact that it was to be completed this evening all necessitated an increase in the fee. So I negotiated, and gave my reasons for the ask. I received a text a few minutes later from the SS letting me know I had been assigned. Great. My first successful negotiated fee, I was stoked! A bit more communication from the SS, and I asked when I could expect to see the increased fee on the assignment. In the mean time I call the signers (3) and download the docs in preparation to print and review. This is where things get weird. I got a text saying that my updated fee more or less wasn’t part of the deal. Then another text, asking if I want the order reassigned because they couldn’t get the fee increased. I restated my reasons in asking for the increase, and then when I went back to the SS the order had been removed from my lineup. No text response from the SS, either, just crickets. I did however receive a phone call from one of the signers minutes later stating that they all had Covid and couldn’t sign tonight anyway, which was also interesting. Why the rush to close tonight, if the signer hadn’t even been notified or asked if tonight was going to work?!
Now, here is why I am really upset, when the order was assigned to me, I could see that I had asked for more. Why reach out and assign me the order if they weren’t accepting my negotiation?
I’ve not been at this long, but I’ve read around here a fair bit about how to ask for the fee that is appropriate, not selling yourself short, etc. and really felt that my ask was fair and worthy (I’ve completed most of my orders for this particular SS and been error free).
Am I wrong to be frustrated? Do I check in with this particular SS and ask where the disconnect was? Do I let it go and hope for a better result next time?

Sorry for the doozy of a post, and thanks for your thoughts and input this Monday evening.

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At this point, I would just let it go. Noone is going to be signing anything anytime soon anyway.


Lesson: Last minute signings are usually last minute for a reason. This was probably a fumble due to Covid. I’d just drop it and enjoy your evening.


Yes, ultimately posting here was the “vent” I needed to move on. Thank you!


Lesson learned! Thank you!

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You will on occasion have situations like this crop up. Find a place and way to vent your frustration and anger, then let it go. Use the experience to toughen your skin as you will surely face such challenges again. Those of us who have been around for a minute have these battle scars. You’re in good company.

5 Likes Concur with insights/advice shared above by Arichter, Tisino, and donaldsonnp.

You may also be able to glean some assistance from this post on a different thread:

Best Wishes :sparkles:

Crazy stuff happens to experienced (who should know better) NSAs, too. Late afternoon yesterday, I’d turned down a platform/text signing as being too far. 1/2 hr. later, TC calls & asks ‘if signer comes to me, will I do it?’ They agree to my fee, so, Yes! Get Order & docs. Google exact address of fast food meeting place AND mapquest it so I can give signer drive time/mileage guesstimate. (Over 1 hr. & 65 miles) Call signer’s #…but it’s signer’s daughter–who gives me signer’s # (local). Call signer/get VM, leave detailed message. Let TC know NO contact/appointment.

1/2 hr. later, TC cancels. 1/2 hr. after that signer calls & says ‘no way, I’m 1000 miles away’. Let signer know it was canceled anyway. So, other than time spent googling, mapquesting, phoning people, posting updates on website–only to have it cancelled anyway, no harm done, right?

Well, except I didn’t get pork roast into oven in time for dinner, so we had canned chili instead. :frowning: See, last minute signings are so for a reason.


What are the four food groups for NSAs? Eat in, Take out, Canned, and Frozen.


ROFL! Nailed it!!! Good one, @RiverpointeTax

This is not so unusual. I’ve gotten closing for Saginaw, Texas only to find out the signers lived in Saginaw Michigan. Showed up to a closing only to be told at the door they had Covid, they had already told Title and asked to reschedule.

Here’s a helpful hint. Never remove your shoes when entering a signer’s home. Explain your insurance carrier prohibits doing so. Carry shoe covers for these situations. One of our fellow collogues removed her shoes upon entering only to step into something warm and squishy the dog had left behind.


I’m not being critical. But a 20 minute drive is nuthin’! They are all 20 minute drives, aren’t they? 176 pages at the last hour or so, only 20 minutes away is pretty standard stuff for me. I’ll do them for $115 and I make some profit.

A lot of times I have encountered some wing nut schedulers as regards location. I got a call on a Saturday afternoon scheduler needed a notary for Billings MT. I told her that I was on the Lake Michigan shore between Milwaukee and Chicago. “Is that anywhere near Billings”. Bit my lip.


Funny! For me it’s mostly eat in.

Yeah, I carry some fabric booties in my trunk.

They emphasize how we as notaries have to be up to their standards but
it also works the other way around. You can choose your client. If this signing
service is not giving you what you need feel free to apply to better signing services.
No hard feelings between you and them. You have a right to ask for a certain fee and
they have the right to accept or not accept. Don’t worry there are other signing services out
there that might be a better fit for you :wink:

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Absolutely, that’s usually my minimum drive, just noting a factor in my decision making. $115 would have been great, they were offering $75 and I asked for $100, which I felt was more than fair. Thanks for your input.

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Thank you for the sage advice and perspective! :pray:

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Thank you for the laugh

Thank you for relating, I do feel better after venting, and hearing the stories others have shared here.