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Guess I just need to vent today. Anyone else tired of signing services who advertise they are available to signing agents at all times, but you can’t contact anyone when you have a question? Received docs yesterday with a form I had never seen and wasn’t sure how to use it. Tried to call number on confirmation, but was after hours so no one there. Tried again this morning (Sat) so, of course, same thing. One option was “if you are a signing agent and need help outside of regular hours, press 4 and we will get back to you.” Right!! No response. It was a Snapdocs signing - so left comments (2) on snapdocs website. Finally, someone there responded with " I have emailed title." Still no answer so guess I just go to the signing and punt.

Thanks for letting me vent!!!

What’s the form? Maybe someone here can help you

Well, it is a strange situation. It was a job that said about ten pages which it is. It appears that maybe a form was left off a previous signing. The form that needs to be notarized is a common one - no problem. But they included a “POA checklist” with several options to be checked off. No explanation, so I don’t know if this was previously a POA signing or what. Would like some details which I think only title/signing company can explain. I am hoping that the signer will have a clue as to what this is about.


Agree, best to reach out to your hiring party (especially in this case). :sparkles::hibiscus:

Regarding the general topic of your post, yes, it can create a bit of frustration.