Star Title Group

Do anyone knows or have work for Star Title Group? I got an assignment, but it was far from my location so I let it go. After my email, I got a proposal from them.

They are listed on SnapDocs AS A NOTARY in MD and are only a licensed settlement agent and notary team in DC, MD and VA.


“Star Title Group”

As noted above by @arichter INDIVIDUAL Notary . . .

Daija Bettis
Ijamsville, MD 21754

(240) 606-4650

startitlegroup . net
linkedin under name above

I just got an email from them for the first time, but with no introduction. Who, in these times, is looking for new notaries? Just wondering. Maybe it’s because she’s in MD and I’m not too far away.

They are crooks. Took me 6 weeks to get paid and it wasn’t that much.

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And I’m still waiting

Are you referring to Star Title Group? I just received an email from them out of the blue.
Was the issue that they paid late or is there more to it?

Same with me. Text, then email to onboard with them. I’m nervous to sign up with them…

RapidSignNotary2021, did Star Title Group not send payment or do they take a long time to send payment.

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Recently got a request from this company. Very unprofessional text message from the beginning. No introduction and acted as if we had done business before. Once I gave my price for the seller’s package, was immediately told someone else had taken the assignment. Then received an email with onboarding instructions. I don’t even know who these people are, this was some tactic to generate traffic to their website.

Received another text message requesting a notary for a seller’s package for $50. I restated my fee and was told it was out of their price range.

I will not be working with this company.

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I did a job for them in February, I have not been paid as of yet (4-15-24)

I received a random text today for $50 SELLERS for WV. I’m not really sure how legit the company is. Does anyone have experience dealing with them?