Starting to hate doing this work

The industry is OUT OF CONTROL. Awful, sickening. There are TOO MANY COOKS IN THE KITCHEN. Waaaayyyyy too many “newbies” who paid some fly-by-night, NOT CREDITED company to “teach them how”. Seriously??? Look at us now, 453 notaries in a cattle call versus maybe 50 that HAD A WORKING RELATIONSHIP WITH LENDORS.

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And just LOOK at the dang 1000’s of “middlemen” - Notary Signing Agent platforms in existence? Whhhaaaatttt? Go get another job, man, leave us alone to get back to being independent, professional Certified Signing Agents who have been doing this for years.

Cattle call, cattle call,

There’s a lot of cattle that accept $75 refinances….:cry:

I’m a less-than-one-year notary/signing agent with an extensive background in business. I’ve been reading this thread and thought I might jump in and share what I have experienced. Here are my randomly listed thoughts, written primarily for newbies :slight_smile: :

I’m beginning to make some money now that I have been established for a while. My average fee earned is now $100 and it took several months to get to that rate. I don’t bid most of the lower offers anymore unless they are easy or nearby. I often ask for more $ when the job is thought to be more difficult or distant and I usually get what I ask for (if it’s reasonable).

I bought a Brother 5200 printer and my life changed for the better instantaneously! These printers are impossible to find (you try and find one) but this machine is perfect for my work. Two trays, prints fast as heck, never jams, space efficient, laser quality. I strongly recommend. I use the Adobe method for two-sized paper printing and it works perfectly. I save TONS of time.

I use ‘convenience’ stamps for routine journal entries (e.g. “Deed of Trust”, “Signature Affidavit”, “Errors & Omissions” and many more. Saves tons of time. I will be going to the electronic journal soon and my stamps will be for backup only. Another huge timesaver. Can’t wait to get started.

I’ve started to advertise on YELP! and it’s paying off. I’m getting more and more GNW each week and my fees yield much more profit than NSA work because my costs are so low and I can do so many more in any given day. I work the heck out of that slice of the market and it’s showing on my bottom line. You’d be shocked at who I’ve found that use a notary regularly. Can’t share that with you, though, because my competitors read this forum and I’d be giving away my trade secrets. My advice, however. . . get creative. I suspect each geographic region in this country has ‘pockets’ of notary-users and it’s up to you to ferret them out. I’ve found 14 major lines of business for GNW. :slight_smile:

About a month ago, I spoke to a Signing Service guy who is also a NSA. He told me on his best day he did 8 refinance signings and he made about $1200. Eight! Gee, I’m a model of efficiency and my best day is four. I could do five, maybe, but not eight. And, it’s NOT my age that keeps me from doing eight. I’m just not going to invest in a printer and scanner for my car (gee whiz!) or buy a Prius nor am I gonna skip meals and potty breaks so I can do eight signings a day. These folks who claim to be making $10 grand a month are keeping their trade secret from the rest of us. . . or they are, well, exaggerating a little to scare us off. Just my opinion.

Incidentally, where I live in Southern California, gasoline is $4.89 per gallon for premium. My travel costs are awful and there is little I can do about that. Traffic sucks, too. But I drive a really fun car and I like driving so it’s not too bad, except for the gas part.

Here’s a piece of advice that my ol’ sweet daddy gave me years ago: He said, “You want the business? You’d better go ASK for it, son. Ain’t nobody gonna hand it to you.” I have taken that advice to heart as a notary. Everywhere I go, I ask for the business. I’m not a pest or a huckster, no. I politely inquire as to someone’s needs and then I offer a business card (mine are STELLAR and very professional) and I’m amazed at where business is beginning to come from. But you gotta be clever and sublime at the same time. Not everyone can master that skill, but try.

I use and very much like SnapDocs accounting system. If you’re not using any accounting system, you might look theirs over.

Buy your paper by the case at COSTCO if you haven’t licked that logistical problem already.

I’ve been modestly successful as a new notary/signing agent and I work the system hard. All you new notaries just have to hang in there, be innovative and smart and professional. Run your numbers once and figure out what your margin is, what you want it to be and what you need to do to get that margin. If you can’t make it work, it may be time to look for other work.

There’s an old baseball adage I really like. Baseball teams play 160 games in a season. Every team in the league will win at least 60 games and every team will lose at least 60 games. It’s what you do with the other 40 that counts. What are you doing with the forty games you’ve got to play?

If you don’t get the implication I’m trying to make, it probably is time for you to find another line of work. Complaining like so many do in this forum ain’t getting y’all nowhere.

Here’s my wish for you:

May your printer never jam,
May your pens never run out of ink,
And, may your scanbacks be few.

Until next time. . .


I appreciate the respect you demonstrate for the business you’ve created from the ground up!
A completely understandable position.

Truer words have never been spoken.

@Bobby-CA outstanding post!! Kudos to you on your success and your perseverance. Great words for all notaries and signing agents.

Thank you.

You say there’s plenty to go around, yet from the other side of your opinion say that others in the business are “your competitors” – thereby labeling them/us as such and not seeing us/them as TEAM MEMBERS.

Yeah, that’s all I got out of that novel, too. He’s one a few notaries on here who literally just post about how they’re doing 20 signings a day, making 200k a year, are too busy to even take a shower, etc etc. Those types of people never help anyone, contribute to the community in any way, or mentor as far I’ve seen. I’ve just stopped reading posts by em. I don’t get the point of bragging to others and not helping. It’s so cringe.

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Hello, thank you for sharing. You are going to be a six figures NSA soon enough! Keep doing it! I love your perseverance and your hard work. You are proactive and you are creative. These are the traits that will lead you to be successful in all you do in life. I can tell from your excitement that you love what you do! When you love what you do the sky is the limit.

I know, Taylor Green and noblenotary615!! Seriously??? :lying_face: Sounds like he’s got all this time in the world, and we KNOW, we KNOW he did not get there overnight, and it’s so much posturing, a braggart IMHO… you hit the nail on the head!

Exact spot I got to after the influx of “newly trained Signers” AND the middle-man companies AND the loan/mortgage companies thinking they are paying LESS in the end for expert notarial persons! I see so many mistakes and miscommunications as a result of these relationships and practices. I, too, am 69 years old, back to work in a comfortable spot, $56k/ year, and guess what?.. no more high ink & paper & gas costs – taxes taken out for me, no more “over the top borrowers’ attitudes”… You are so valuable to a regular job… I wish the best for you, you are young and experienced. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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My success is MY success. Those that can. . . Do. Those that can’t, typically WON’T. What do you expect me to do, give my competitors ammunition? There are so many gripes on this site, I hardly know why I bother with it. My objective was to encourage newbies by letting them know that a 72 year old guy still has enough in the tank to get it done. They can do the same. All y’all just complain over and over again and again when you should be THINKING and hustling.

I live in Southern California (gas this morning is $5.15!!!) and it is super saturated with notaries and super competitive. I’m doing well because I figured out where the work is and I went and got it. Quit whining and quit looking for a handout. You, Roche, seem to want all the goodies for free. That’s not the way it works. Instead, you and other complainers like you sit on Notary Forums all day and pour your little hearts out looking for sympathy.

If your region doesn’t afford you the opportunities than 1) move; 2) quit and do something else; or, 3) get off your arse and dig up enough work to make you happy. The title companies, escrow companies and lenders read your posts, y’know, and they are laughing at your complaints.

Gee whiz. All I tried to do is explain how one old guy found his way in this goofy business and you’d think I was just being boastful. I’ve got waaaay better stuff to do than entertain myself on this site with my input. You and Noble and others have an endless gripe cord in you and somebody needs to snap it. I wish you all the $65 signings you can handle.

There. . . I feel better now.

(Not really)


Good for you, kid! That’s what I like to hear :grinning: See my clapback farther down this thread.

You don’t know? Let me enlighten you. It’s so you can brag, boast, be condescending, patronizing, and generally insufferable, like in the post you just made. You aren’t actually helping anyone (us whiners as you put it), so why exactly are you here? That post was honestly as hilarious as it was disgusting. I have an ‘endless gripe cord’? You really are a :clown_face:. Unlike you, I use this forum to learn as a new notary. Most every post I’ve made has been to learn more. Unlike you, I give back. I made a whole thread with THOUSANDS of views and appreciative posts/likes, helping other notaries like me go direct. I shared what I knew and others shared what they knew. Together, we all benefit.

What have you done other than boast and brag about how “creative” you are, how much “hustle” you have, and how old you are?? And who is looking for a handout? This is a community notary forum, not your personal Facebook page.

You get that? A community. A place to discuss, learn, grow, and SHARE ideas. Yeah, sharing. I know you can’t comprehend the concept. Who are you to tell someone to “get off their arse and dig up enough work”?! How do you know what they’re going through? Get off your high horse!

You’re just another sour boomer. You’ve got way better stuff to do? Then go do it and don’t let the door hit you on the way out! You and the rest of the braggarts, who only get on here to stroke their pathetic egos and feel special, are free to leave all of us “lesser” notaries. You won’t be missed. I’m sure you have soooo many appointments to attend to lol. Bye!

Well you’ve certainly put me in my place. Too many people on this site with the cramps. You know, what, I didn’t know anything about being a notary 10 months ago. Now I probably out-earn you on my bad days.

This ain’t your personal Facebook page either. You seem bewildered, confused and angry about just about everything in this business. What have you done to improve it, hmm?

Good for you that you built a big ol’ thread. How creative. Did it earn you one more dollar? You’re as bad as you say I am, all big about your mystical thread accomplishment. Look, I don’t want to wrestle with you. You’re undoubtedly a nice guy. But when I see your posts, I see a whiner that should probably look for work elsewhere to be happy. Are you any farther along than you were when you first started posting early this year? Are you making any profit? Do you like the work? Do you like the industry? Do you like anything? Hard for me to tell.

Ok, this is gonna become a slug-fest and neither of us wants that. I’ll just let it go that I have forgotten more about “community” than you’ll probably ever learn from this site. My objective is to stimulate some people to do something different to get an edge. You gotta think for yourself, man!

If I shared with you all that I’m doing to pass my competitors on the road to success, I’d just be giving the store away. You call it ego, braggadocio. OK, call me what you want. I don’t whine. And I have no idea how you came up with “sour boomer”. What have I said that is “sour”? I’m living my life and enjoying my work. You haven’t read ONE negative word from me on this site about this industry.

Geez, I need a Bromo after talking with you.

P.S. You’re absolutely correct, I don’t know what other people are going through. So what?! I’m not criticizing what they do or don’t do. But all the whimpering isn’t getting anyone anywhere. It’s one thing to bring up a problematic condition or situation in notary work. It’s quite another to drone on and on about poor compensation, long drives, nasty signing houses, etc. etc. I seldom see a solution to any problems. Explanations by the truckload, sure. Implementable solutions?
Precious few.

I’ve encountered the same problems as everyone else and some that are particular to my region. I do what I can to resolve them, deal with the rest and get on with it. Kinda like paying taxes.


Well, if any and everybody can be a notary…what’s the point?

Noble has challenged me with his response to my missive and I curiously appreciate his words. I’ve asserted that there is simply too much whining on this site and Noble’s response is essentially, “Well, big mouth, what have you done for me lately?” He’s looking for community and sharing. Fair enough. That’s one of the reasons I come to this site. So let me share a little something with y’all. It’s called your “Raison D’Etre” or Reason For Being. In other words, why in the world are you in the business of being a notary? Consider the following:

What is it that you do that you’re the absolute best at?
Consider that:
You offer a product / service you didn’t invent. . .
You use a formula you didn’t invent. . .
You use a delivery method you didn’t invent. . .
Have you truly branded your concept?
Have you identified and/or isolated a market segment?
What do you do that creates a unique user experience?
Why would an investor put serious money into your business?
Do you fully understand your business’s raison d’etre?
As a business person (not just a notary) do you want to go to the health club, the hospital or the morgue?

Think of it this way: You’re not a Notary Public – you’re a business person that has selected notary work as your endeavor. Are you suited for this kind of work? Can you earn enough to be satisfied at whatever level you set for yourself? What if things don’t go your way (no assignments, too little pay, too many errors, oppressive competition, etc.); can you withstand it? Do your skills and attributes sync up with the demands of the work?

Are you and Achiever or an “Achievist”? (Achievist is trade marked)
An Achiever is defined as:
“One who attains by following a predictable
academic route, knowing only the known.”
An Achievist is defined as:
“One who transforms unknowns into knowns
to boost productivity and profits.”

Achievists as Leaders
Now, if you’re thinking like a true entrepreneur, which type of leader sounds best to you, an Achiever or an Achievist?
Which one will most likely WIN?
Which one would YOU rather hang around with or work for?
Which would you rather BE?

Lotsa questions, huh? Well, as a businessperson, you’d do well to write them down and begin to answer them, honestly. Get input from a spouse or trusted friend. Push for honesty and clarity.

Now, take a look at these questions:

What am I trying to achieve? What specific results am I seeking?
What are my major successes and failures?
What are my major challenges and opportunities?
What things work well? People – Process – Technology
How do I measure performance?
You can’t manage what you can’t measure.
What gets measured, gets done!
How do I define the difference between “I can’t” and “I won’t”?
What things would work if I took them more seriously?
Where have I become lax, complacent, unfocused, smug?
What should be abandoned?
Is inadequate financing a problem? The only problem? The real problem?
What should I be saying “NO” to?
What is absolutely essential to the success of this business?

Sharing. That’s what I’ve tried to do above. Give y’all some grist for your mill. Make you think about what you’re doing. This, Noble, is what I call getting up off your arse. Building your personal success pathway with bricks made from the answers to these questions. Don’t whine. . . THINK!

What would/could you come up with to improve the notary field if the first prize was tax-exempt $5,000? Ahh, let’s make it an even $10 grand. How hard would you work to make it come to realization?

Well, kids, that’s what’s at stake. $$$ You want some? I know I do. So I got off my funky arse and did some things NOBODY else is doing and I’m beginning to make some money at it. Not bragging. Not boasting, nooooo. Just using the grey matter God gave me and making the most of it. So, you want my inside tip, hmmm? Here it is, and don’t turn up your nose. . .


That’s right, be memorable. When people remember you kindly, they’ll use you, connect with you, call you, like you, refer you, tell others about you, laugh about you, care for you. That, my friends, is how you get work. Of course, your work has to be good, that’s a given. But when you and your work are memorable, well, that’s something else again.

I am memorable. My business cards are memorable; my writing instruments (not “pens”) are memorable; my signing boards are memorable; my entrance when I arrive is memorable. My goal is that nobody— nobody forgets their encounter with me. Our interaction is favorably memorable.

I have answered all the foregoing questions to my satisfaction and I’m ready for anything the business world throws at me. I may not always win, but I seldom lose. I am prepared and I am memorable. It’s not signings, kids. It’s BUSINESS. And I’m in business to win. And I do. So can you.

OK, by now you might have guessed that I teach this stuff. I’m not a enthusiasm guru or anything like that. I teach business people how to expand and accelerate their enterprises to make more money. I am intolerant of whiners and complainers because I know that they haven’t tried hard enough.

So, here’s my challenge to you: get up off your arse and think about your answers to the queries I’ve posed. Do it now! What have you got to lose?

I’m anticipating fascinating feedback and I’m hopeful you’ll share your thoughts so we can all learn something and Noble will get off my back and be my friend (Sorry, dude :slight_smile: )

God bless you all.


Thank you for sharing. I’m like a sponge!