A Direct Title Marketing Script for Newbies!

Hey everyone :wave:t5:

I have learned so much here, but the most important part is just being able to bounce ideas off of like minded people. I don’t personally know anyone who does this job who I can meet for coffee or something (although I have a few pen pals from here) so I thought I’d bring it to the forum. In the LSS course, they are always mentioning some magical script that you’re supposed to follow to get direct marketing and ride off into the 6 figure sunset on a flying unicorn. :unicorn: :rainbow: :rainbow:

But I’ve literally never gotten a single whiff of it… And it’s not for lack of trying haha :male_detective:t5: I’ve watched over 30 of Mark Wils’ YouTube videos and all the videos of any of his students I can find on YouTube. They are all very tight lipped about any of their actual strategies in their videos (where they talk about making 8-15k/month)… They’re mostly clickbait, with a few gems in there if you really listen. I’m not paying almost $500 for a mystery script, so I thought, why don’t we make our own?

I have been marketing like an animal. I’ve walked in carrying treats and business cards, I’ve cold called, I’ve looked people up on linked in and messaged them, and I’ve emailed. I like phone calls the best, so that’s how we’ll create this script, as a phone script. This is a group effort, so feel free to suggest anything or talk about your experiences. We should all be able to come up with something just as good as Mark Wils if not better if we pool our brain power, right?

The Basic Structure Should Probably Be:

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefit Language (to EO/Realtor)
  3. Services & Fees
  4. Contact Info & Closing


  • For the intro, we’re assuming we’ve already gotten past the secretary guard dogs. In my experience, it’s easiest if you already know the name of who you want to talk to. If you can’t find a name on the company website, look on linked in. It’s much harder without the name pre-identified.
  • Secretaries are sensitive. Be extra nice to them even though they are kind of annoying, it’s kind of their job.
  • Use their name repeatedly. People generally like that.
  • Would love if someone could suggest a script to get past secretaries. They can be really dismissive and shut you down before you even finish saying your last name. They’re the major block to getting your information to someone who can actually use it.
  • Make sure not to market on the last day of the month. I learned that the hard way. Everyone is busy and mean. You’ve been warned.
  • @acartiernotary says “I have found Monday mornings are the WORST time to send emails or market. Eos are catching up on things they may have received over the weekend. In my experience, Tuesday and Wednesday seem to be less busy and Friday can be hit or miss.” @rmjnotaryservices also votes for Wednesday as the best to market on. @cari081326 also likes Wednesday saying, "I reach out to title on Wednesday or Thursday to any EO’s direct email with something short and sweet. "

"Hi (EO), my name is ____ and I am a mobile signing agent in the area. I know you must be very busy, but thank you for giving me 5 minutes of your time today. Have you used a mobile notary before? … That’s great. We can be very beneficial. I’m sure you already have a great roster of agents, but I’d love to introduce myself just in case you need me in the future because someone else can’t make it due to sickness, vacation, or whatever.

I am NNA certified, bonded, commissioned, and insured for (amount). I live in (area) and think I could really bring value to your company and clients."

-Benefit Language (for EO)-

  • @acartiernotary says, “You want to show that you know all the mistakes that other notaries might make and avoid them.”
  • This section is all about them and how you can help.

"By using a mobile signing agent like myself, you will be able to save so much time. I understand that an incomplete signing or a signing full of errors can cost a mortgage officer a rate lock, (list other problems).

I work (hours) and even work weekends. That can be really beneficial for clients who can’t get away during the week in order to sign. Also, by contracting out your signings with me you’ll be able to focus on your more pressing duties and get more done.

I am able to travel all around. I cover the counties of: (counties) and I’m happy to extend myself if you need it. Those are just a few benefits I’d be happy to provide you with."

-Services & Fees-

  • This section is more about you and how you do business. Feel free to brag a little there. Sell yourself.
  • I thought you might just cover your experience a little, to show that you know what you’re talking about. And then you could list some information about fees.
  • I’ve actually been told you shouldn’t tell them your fees when they ask, and they usually ask. Instead, counter with “What do you normally offer for this particular assignment?” However… if they don’t know, then I guess you’d better have a backup amount.

"I am fully trained in purchase packages, sellers agreements, HELOCs, refinances (etc…). I’ve done (number) of successful notarizations and am great with clients. Always professional and have had many positive reviews. All of the forms will come back completely filled out, whether that be the statement of information, (list other docs that are regularly botched).

My general fee is ___ depending on the document, number of pages, if scan backs are required, and distance. I’d be happy to discuss that with you more in the future, though."

-Contact Info & Closing-

  • It’s important to get this EO to remember you, I think. Try to secure their direct email, since then you can contact them with marketing materials in the future. I like to send them copies of my resume/commission in the direct follow up so they know I’m legit.
  • Make sure your email has a professional signature closing with your name, business name, website, and phone number. You can create that in settings in gmail and it just posts to every email you send which kind of acts as its own marketing if you do it well.

"Thanks again for letting me steal some of your time today. It was so nice to meet you!

Is it alright if I get your email in order to send a follow up? [Get email!] Great. My number is ______ and my email is ______. Please reach out whenever you have a signing and I’ll be sure to accommodate you!"

-Email Script Marketing-

  • Some members have had luck with email marketing. The trick here is to keep it short and sweet. EOs will probably not read a long and involved email.
  • It may be helpful to attach a pdf copy of your commission and a resume to provide credibility.
  • @perennial333 says that emails and written correspondence may work well, too. However, in my experience, it’s very easy to ignore an email and there’s more benefit to putting a face/voice to a name. At least then, they know who you are.

"Hi (EO), I wanted to reach out to you personally and say hello. If your usual go-to notary is ever unavailable and you need a backup please don’t hesitate to call or email me. I cover (counties). I will drop off the docs after each signing, so you have them back asap. Have a great rest of your day [@cari081326 ].

I’ve attached my commission (etc) below for your records."

Okay! That’s all I have lol, but it’s a start. Please, add to it, delete, criticize, praise, or even laugh. I’ve only gotten one direct signing so far, so I’m definitely not an expert. What I do know, is that it was great getting paid $150, not needing to do scan backs, and creating a relationship with someone who actually lives in my city. Just imagine if you could multiply that number by just 10 a week? Idk… I do so many sellers packages in Nashville and refinances for homes worth 3-5+ million dollars :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:. There’s more than enough money to go around, so let’s figure this out. I’ve been watching plane tickets to Venice this November and that $1500 isn’t going to pay itself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :innocent:


I think this is a good script and structure. Some of the parts were funny like about the Secretary lol.


I enjoyed the reading and I have market myself to few title companies in my areas and pretty much you have said similar things I said.
I don’t believe there is a mystery script that works for everyone but it’s about personality and the way you approach the escrow officer.
Find ways to get introduced in my experience always works best


Thank you for the information. This is very helpful insight.


Really really good! I’m definitely going to include some of this verbiage in my script. If anyone would like to add, I typically use (in my limited sales training) “I would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business”. That has worked pretty well for me in the past. Go Notaries!!


Nice addition. Where would you place it? Intro or Closing?

And does anyone know whether it’s best to call during the morning or afternoon? I’m not sure when EOs are busier… If someone with intel could chime in that would be very helpful!


The script is pretty good. In LSS we are taught to use phrases/EO lingo. For example:
Letting them know you understand that errors can cause funding delays, making sure the borrower initials any corrections that have been made on the notice of right to cancel, and making sure all forms are filled out by the borrower, like the PCOR, statement of information, distribution of proceeds, ect.
You want to show that you know all the mistakes that other notaries might make and avoid them. I agree with Max, there is no magical script that will get you business, there are so many factors in whether they choose to use you. But it is good to show you are knowledgeable.

I have found that Monday mornings are the WORST time to send emails or market. EOs are catching up on things they may have received over the weekend. In my experience, Tuesday and Wednesday seem to be less busy and Friday can be hit or miss. They are either too busy to talk (trying to close before the weekend) or because they are busy, you might be able to secure a signing for that day.

Hope this helps!


Major gems right there. :gem::gem::gem: Thank you for that. I’ll update the main post with some of that.


Please define LLS, EO, and PCOR. Are there any other acronyms that I should be aware of as an NSA?


Writing helps to organize thoughts. Kudos for writing some scripts.


LSS = Loan Signing System (A notary training course)
EO = Escrow Officer
PCOR = Preliminary Change of Ownership Report? (Not sure about this one)


The PCOR is a California form showing change in ownership. In Vegas, we have the Declaration of Value.


Thanks for your help!

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I’m a grad of the program also and the PCOR is one of the secret weapons because most notaries don’t know what they are or how to fill them out. Also, I agree with you that Mondays are a bad day, but I found Wednesdays to be the best for Title companies because they’re caught up and looking forward to the end of the week and scheduling the next week’s closings.


TFYH (thanks for your help)


Thank you for all the great info noblenotary615, and I found a lot of it very helpful and will definitely apply it… I did take the Mark wills LSS and it was more than worth the $500.00 I paid for the course. knowledge is King Right? Thank you for posting… : ))


Wow! Thank you so much for sharing. I started to market myself and this is way better than what I wrote and somewhat funny I must say.


Thank you for this, wonderful information.


I called 5 local title companies today. Spoke to 4 secretaries and couldn’t get past any of them to even use the script lol… It seemed like the conversation I had with them went well, but every time they checked to see if the EO I asked for was available the EO was “busy.” I was given generic emails to send my information to (which will never be opened or looked at). The hustle continues :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the script. The hustle continues! They never said it would be this hard to break into the business.