A Direct Title Marketing Script for Newbies!

This is a great script and great information. I haven’t been marketing my NSA services. I have just been taking work from notary companies that contact me through either me signing on with them or them going through the NNA.


I usually put it at the end. But my friend does it at the beginning and then reiterates it at the end! So whatever works for the moment.


First of all thank you for your honesty and your good sense of humour. I like this!
I have been also marketing and have not been very long in this job. Out of pure boredom (no signings at all that day) I grabbed the phone and called up 2 title companies on a MONDAY on the 29th of August. Call it luck - but everybody from the front desk to the senior escrow officer was super nice. I was honest and said that I am a mobile signing agent and I live in the area nearby. I asked them if they are in need of a NSA because I am available and I know it is the busiest time of the month for them. I did not say how I know my stuff and how great I am. I simply said: I would love to work for them and if they need me I will be there. As a result I got to sign up with both of them. Not sure if this always works but I was grateful for this experience and maybe it will help you, too. ;-))


so I was mentored by BILL Soroka for four years and basically a lot of his approach is about building a relationship rather than using a marketing approach.
it seems that a lot of what BILL talked about was definitely more of a slow curveball approach with the Endgame being a cooperative effort rather than a pot at the end of the rainbow.
I’m actually more of a direct person so it was hard for me to attend that level of dedication but bill definitely had it locked up


Hey, there @noblenotary615!

I know you’ve watched a lot of videos. Have you seen this one? If not, it’s a good one to add to your watch list if you haven’t.


You weren’t able to google search the direct email of the EO, its usually online. I can find most EO’s names online. If I find EO John Smith with title company and his email address is: jsmith@title.com, then most likely all his work colleagues email addresses are same format, you dont have to search for the email address, just find name and guess email. Most are first initial and last name. If its wrong, you get returned email back.

Also my approach is very different. I dont sell myself by telling them how great a job I can do or how error free I am. Thats a waste of time in my opinion. Most senior escrow officers already have a loyal relationship with a notary they trust. Why change? Nothing you say will deter them to hire a stranger instead of their go to trusted notary. The only time they will need another notary is if their preferred notary is unavailable. Unavailable can mean, sick, on vacation, booked up, etc. So with that…

I reach out to title on Wednesday or Thursday to any EO’s direct email with something short and sweet. They are busy so I keep it one paragraph limit. I say something like:

"Hi Janet, I wanted to reach out to you personally and say hello. If your usual go-to notary is ever unavailable and you need a backup please don’t hesitate to call or email me. I cover Stan County and also Tuolumne County. I will drop off the docs after each signing, so you have them back asap. Have a great rest of your day. :slight_smile:

Thank you,



i have seen his videos, they have take aways. But he gives me anxiety watching it. I trip out on people that are always “turned up” or turned on like that. I dunno, maybe he just acts that way for videos but i get the vibe he’s type A personality, turned up always… Hes done well for himself and seems to keep doing well! Kuddos to him! He has a video on how he just adopted a son or something. I haven’t yet watched it. Saw the click bate. I dunno. Interesting how he’s now mixing his personal life adopting a child with business notary signings on YouTube. Something just so off with that guy. Lol. I swear I’m not a hater. He really has high energy lol


This definitely works for me. My approach as well. Bill has a good vibe too. Genuine. Im not a fan of the other guy on YouTube. But I like Bill. He seems like a genuine guy off camera too


Same. I am a graduate of his course but it was hard for me to finish. I am not high energy and always “turned up” - LOL. He comes across as very used-car-salesman and I always think he needs a wacky, wavy, inflatable tube man behind him. However, that said, I have used his methods and I am successful. I much prefer TNT’s Bill Soroka’s style. But, if I had It to do all over again, I’d probably have chosen Notary2Pro.

I’m nowhere near a six-figure NSA (because I don’t want to work that much), but I have more work than I can handle and I have had a lot of success with getting direct work; in fact, most of my work is now direct. I use SSs just to fill in the gaps, but there aren’t that many.


Thats awesome! And u couldn’t agree more. Lol :slight_smile:


I actually have but a refresher couldn’t hurt. Thanks!


Skip to 10-minute mark or so; it’ll get you past his intro and whatnot.


Mark Wills always reminds me of a used car salesman…the kind they used to have on TV commercials.


Thank you for sharing, some really good tips!


He didn’t adopt a son. He’s adopted himself. He made the video to give more insight about his life and who he is as a person.


Hi noblenotary615,

Thanks for this. The email script looks good, too. My main comment here would be: the actual flow of the conversation tends to be more, well, conversational - as in: it’s tough to get a lot of information out all at once - and not really desirable to try.

I usually just say something like: “Hi, I’m Doug, I’m a local notary signing agent, I brought some snacks*, and I wanted to let you know that I’m available for signings.”

*I always bring something - donuts - a small box of Munchkins - something. At least on my first visit. Why? Because this is an industry where vendors bring treats / snacks - and title companies think of independent signing agents as vendors. Plus, it’s just human nature to appreciate free food. And for what it’s worth, I felt a bit awkward doing it, as first. But it’s always been genuinely appreciated, and I’ve never felt it was taken as a negative.

And - once I say the above, and set the donuts/whatever on the desk - the receptionist / title agent / owner / first person I see … will say something. This can range from:

“Oh, let me get Bill for you.”


“You need to talk to Amy, but she’s not in today.”


“We only use in-house notaries.”


“Great, what areas do you cover?”


“Great, how long have you been doing this?”


(Something else, entirely.)

The important part is: what they say helps me to know what to say next - which is where pieces of a script like the one you posted can be very useful.

My point is: because you may not get a chance to say a lot at one time, and in my experience that it makes for a much better impression to be conversational - plan on the interaction flowing more like a conversation.

Also, every bit as important (to anyone reading) - make sure to follow up. With accounts I really want to work with, and have worked with - I follow up at least weekly or bi-weekly, at longest.

I’ve literally been told, “I decided to finally give you a signing because you kept following up.”

So many signing agents miss this piece. If you’re not getting responses, it’s very likely not because they didn’t like you, but because they’re super busy and and you’re just not on their radar. It’s our job to politely and briefly stay on their radar by consistently following up with title companies, lenders, real estate agents and builders.

I just wanted to post these thoughts in case they’re useful to anyone reading. Thanks again for posting these scripts (live and email) - very useful info.


I took the course and have been a member for over a year and it was well worth the money.
I thought since I was an escrow officer for 25 years and had lots of connections here I would have no problems being a signing agent. I had a friend who makes 10k a month who was in his group and never had been in escrow so i humbled myself and realized I did not have all the answers.
All the videos for training and scripts are in the Private Facebook group so it’s not on the regular YouTube videos.
The $500.00 paid for itself in the first month and I have had signings for $250.00 where I just showed up to sign them at the escrow office or pick up loan documents at escrow.


Always be aware of someone who says that they have made so much money, blah, blah, blah, but are not still working that job. Its usually, because they can make more mining the miner and getting money from them, then doing the job themselves.

If it paid so damn well, they would still be doing it.


Hi, and thank you for the information. I do have to say that Marks stuff isn’t something that I don’t already know and so far none of it has worked. I am tired of bringing food, flowers, such to the title office and getting nothing in return. I have run into quite a few rude pit bulls answering the front door. They need to understand that I am a single person working on businesses versus they have someone that does the marketing. Could you see that person whose rude to you going out and getting business.
I live in Northern Ca and I hate to have to say that business has slowed down. People can say all they want that it hasn’t but each and every state is in a different market. I am in the country part of Grass Valley. I drive a lot of curvy roads, wild animals. I have lost the momentum to go to title companies as I am tired of the rudeness from them and bringing suff and getting no assignments. I have been in the business since 2005 and back when we never had to do it this way. Getting registered filling out applications and trying to get approved. I am approved with Placer title, North American, Stewart title, Old Republic and Fidelity title. I have sent several messages to Chicago title and the person that they said I need to contact is by email and she has never responded. My guess is they are not accepting Notaries at this time.
With all this I have decided to look into doing finger printing and adding that to my business. Now I will have to market other business and see if that works out or not. I say the Notary has slowed down because I went from 7 to 10 a day to maybe 2 a day and sometimes ZERO!!. This is the real frustration. I have talked to few of my friends in the Escrow business and Real Estate Agents and they say the same thing. The struggle is real.
I can only keep with the email marketing because I honestly hate making phone calls as the rudeness gets to me and makes me not really want to work with that Escrow officer, I almost want to say how would you like me to be this rude to the borrow, so please don’t do it to me. Works both ways!!
I am looking to move to IDAHO and start the RON Certification and see if that works out. Good old CA is not RON Certified to allow on like signings.
Well good luck and lets keep in touch. emil: laura_notary@yahoo.com


Appreciate your point of view. Share it everywhere! Totally agree that every state (county, city, area, neighborhood) has its own somewhat unique market and one size does not fit all.
In my area, I am viewed by TCs as ‘the competition’ because they erroneously think a national lender would go with a local TC & an ‘in-house’ signing.