Stay Away From Lauth Investigation

Hello teammates,

Please do not do any signings with Lauth Investigation out of Indiana. I did a signing for them back on March 21st and as of today May 31st still no payment. I have called and emailed and have been lied to. I’m in the process of sending it off to a collection company. It may not have been much money but its the principal and their no nonchalant attitude about my money that has angered me even more.

Let me know if you have any questions!

I had a negative experience with Lauth Investigation also. The contact sent me several emails “correcting” what he wanted me to do, up to and including verifying with the dad about a former address. Then after I’d spent over 4 hours trying to understand what he wanted, trying to contact the people, talking back and forth and trying to set a date/time to sign documents, he told me to forget it. I asked for some compensation, and his response was basically, you didn’t do anything for me to pay you. So I’ve got them on my DO NOT RESPOND list.

"Lauth Investigation. What kind of name is that? The name alone would a red flag.