Stay Away From Signing Wiz

Did a closing for Signing Wiz back in January, haven’t been paid. I have contacted them so far 5 different times via e-mail, they don’t answer the phone and their mailbox is full. Aaron O’Leary said each time that John Kulik, their account person would contact me and issue payment. This never happened. I checked their record on Notary Rotary and they have received only 1 star ratings since August of 2016. I’ll write this one off to a bad debt and put them on my list of deadbeats.

They owe me from March. Its pathetic how these guys just steal your money from you! Ive been all over them with no response. I WILL NOT STOP

I did a signing over a year ago $200.00 and they have never paid me.

Complaints against John Kulik can be made to
Department of state. He is apparently a licensed notary. He has stiffed for one signing for $125, for more than 100 days.

John Kulik is apparently a notary in PA. Hence the following avenues of legal action is being undertaken by me and sharing with you.

  1. Notary Complaint

  2. Complaint to PA Attorney General.

If enough complaints pile up , then this will get some traction and response from the authorities.

SO Please do your civic duty & complain in both state government authorities

I did a signing in Feb 2017 and never got paid. I escalated this to the Head of the title and VP. This got some response from John Kulik of Signing whiz. But i kept getting the run around that it has been paid. I eventually sent a demand on paypal to request money. Forgot to add the fee deduction that paypal makes.

So after the following exchange, I got paid via paypal after 100 days or more.

I told john Kulik that I will complain to Department of State, PA & have his notary license revoked & also complain to attorney general of PA . This got the desired effect and It seems to have set the fire under his couch… He paid up promptly

don’t take this lying down. These people need to shape up.

Aaron is a licensed RE agent. John Kulik is a notary himself. Summerly is an attorney. They all know better.

Let the district attorney of their county know about their business practies.

Contact Information

Signing Wiz, LLC
1200 Allison AveWashington, PA 15301

Signing Wiz, LLC is the only company located at 1200 Allison Ave, Washington, PA 15301

Summerly Easton Kulik1200 Allison AvenueWashington, PA 15301PEOPLEAttorneysKulik, Summerly Easton (Attorney )OFFICE INFORMATIONAddress1200 Allison AvenueWashington, PA 15301

I had a few back to back Signings with Signing Wiz so he was very crafty in what he does. After 3 months of not being paid I reached out to the Title agencies and they copied John Kulik in an an email… which apparently shamed him and he paid me Immediately.

OK, all of you who have not been paid by SIGNING WIZ, or any of the other NON PAYING companies, here is what I propose. Call the lenders on your closing disclosures and report the Signing company. Tell the lenders that you just want to make them aware that the SIGNING WIZ agency (or whichever other scalliwag you may have been used by) does not pay us.
If they get complaints, they may quit using SIGNING WIZ. Then, email SIGNING WIZ and tell them you have done this and then report them to the BBB.