Stewart Title acquired NotaryCam (Dec) and Signature Closers LLC (Feb)

This morning I received an email announcement from Signature Closers LLC that it has been acquired by Stewart Title. It acquired NotaryCam December 2020.

What are your thoughts?


Yes i received it too AWESOME😃

I received it… let’s see what good is going to bring to NSAs.

I received as well let’s see what’s in store for NSA’s.

I am guessing it is best for Notaries if Title company manages signing orders and not small business.

The company formerly known as Signature Closers (not sure if they’re going to end up under the Stewart umbrella) has already announced that they’re altering their payment schedule, and not to the benefit of notaries. Now you will get paid on the 5th of the month for all signings done between the 1st and 15th of the previous month and will get paid on the 20th of the month for all signings done between the 16th and end of the previous month. While that still falls into the “acceptable” range, you will be waiting a couple of weeks longer to be paid for jobs in the 2nd half of the month than you have in the past with them.

Yah, I noticed that, too. Not a big deal, but still, it is not to our benefit. The other thing I thought about is why the roster of title companies that do business with Signature now would continue to do business with them, knowing in the end, it flows to the benefit of another title company–namely Stewart Title. Guess we’ll see soon enough.

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While that is true, you also get paid for early month appointments much quicker than before. To me, it’s a zero sum action. Doesn’t help more than it hurts, doesn’t hurt more than it helps.

It is what it is.

NotaryCam is a platform for RON notaries. It won’t likely be of use to the regular NSA.